International Marriage as a Significant Social Phenomenon in Asia – Capstone Project Example

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The paper "International Marriage as a Significant Social Phenomenon in Asia" is an exceptional example of a capstone project on sociology. The content of this discussion essay which also involves a qualitative study investigates the phenomenon of intercultural as well as international marriages with particular reverence to the relationships and communications that exist between the parties that are involved in an international marriage. It focuses on the unique elements which are influenced by communication and relation both internally and externally. It looks at the issue within the international marriages and their significance to the marriage as a social phenomenon.

The research aims at the establishment of three concepts namely; the establishment of the manner in which intercultural relations and communication contribute to international marriages; the establishment of the significance of international marriages in the social set up; and the identification of the relationship that exists between communication and intercultural relations in the context of international marriage. This research study also considers the manner in which the spouses of the parties involved in international marriages handle conflicts and their differences if any in their marriage experiences.

The discussion mainly focuses on international marriages in Asia and its environs. Introduction The issue of marriage at the international level has been accorded a lot of attention in the past few years. This has been happening from both a practical as well as from a theoretical point of view and especially with regard to emerging intercultural and communication relations and also the current trend of policy issues. The features as well as patterns of marriages that involve international parties see to differ largely from region to region all over the world and can be explained through a wide theoretical understanding.

Even though there is a requirement for the development of a systematic approach to give an account of the rising trend of marriages that are involving international marriage parties, it very important at this point in time to introduce a clear and better understanding of the occurrence of international as well as intercultural marriages with regard to the relationships and associations that exist among individuals in various regions (Chao, 2012). When this is done, a better and stronger foundation is developed for purposes of advancing theoretical knowledge and understanding regarding the intercultural and international marriages.

The discussion and analysis of the situation surrounding the international as well as intercultural marriage in Asia assists in updating and improving the already available trends that are emerging. It is also through the analysis and evaluation of the current global situation of international marriage that categorization of the levels and the statues of international marriages can be well understood.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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