American Values - Corporate Responsibility, Separation of Church and State, Workers Rights, and Government Responsibility – Capstone Project Example

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The paper “ American Values - Corporate Responsibility, Separation of Church and State, Workers’ rights, and Government Responsibility“ is a motivating variant of capstone project on social science. The Americans bothered about the crisis in the foreign policy and the decline of their economic power every time and that made them stand high in the world. The policy choices need to imply moral choices that depend on the values. The policy choices some times will be political choices. The presence of American companies in various parts of the world is about both policy and political choices.

These cannot be determined by the moral choices and the values of US history. From the nineteenth-century, the political philosophy had been fallen in the standing in western civilization. Many social sciences experts feel that the separation of facts from the values is possible. Similarly, policy decisions can be separated from the issues of moral and political philosophy. This can be termed as the falling of the values. This means in the changing times, there is thinking of the possibility of the policy decisions, but not about the implementation of the moral value.

The moral values and the philosophy are being compromised at every decision in the personal, domestic, national and international scenes. Different eminent personalities like John Adams, Frederick Douglas in the 19th century, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill in the aftermath recognized the relationship between morality, liberty, and political philosophy. They also observed the aristocracy of talent. When educated the aristocrat in the human being comes out. Adoring the beauty is different from bringing aristocracy out of the personality.

This bringing out aristocracy from a personality through education, liberty, and freedom can be observed in America. Though it is different in the ages, the values of the past ages can be adopted if they help in establishing the moral background for the decisions in all the walks of life. This has been adopted by American society by making Women as morally equal to men. The areas of excellence of women are given importance or the women with excellence are respected. Equal opportunities were given for women to attain moral equality with men.

While communicating with the men in the present, the opinions formed based on collective thinking. In the case of the future, the vision of the woman and the man prevails. Corporate ResponsibilityThe United States has been described as an incoherent, liberal, virtual and consensual empire. The reconciliation between the brutal mechanics of the imperial rule and the ideological commitment of the United States to liberal and democratic values is the need of the hour according to Ferguson (2005). Not only Ferguson American thinkers like Abigail Adams gave importance to sensitive thinking in matters that are close to a thought of a responsible lady.

According to him, the sensitivity in the lady can give a good judgment than the education in man. The same type of sensitivity is adopted by the corporate world in America and the activities followed likely. The corporate executives of America recognized that it is important to project a strong sense of values and principles that animated the organization they worked. 20 years back an American corporation recalled 31 million bottles of pain reliever after discovering that one bottle tampered.

The responsibility they feel and exhibit promoted the brand value. The concerns of globalization gave still more importance to the issues regarding corporate responsibility. There are concerns regarding investment from developing countries. Though the business is global, the corporations operate under local jurisdiction in the area they operate. They create wealth by organizing production, distribution, and consumption. The organization, values, and responsibility of American corporations are better than that of the remaining parts of the world. American corporations and administrations concentrate on sustainable development. They value sustainable development more than the GDP and GNP.

This is due to the concern for the future. Sustainable profits follow sustainable development and the accountants can give more operational meaning to sustainable development than profits. The American State Department is trying to highlight the corporate leadership through granting of an annual award for corporate excellence.


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