Material Selection for Eco School and Sports Centre – Business Plan Example

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The paper “ Material Selection for Eco School and Sports Centre”   is a cogent version example of business plan on engineering and construction. In constructing ECO school and sports centre various factors are taken into consideration. The factors that are necessary for ECO School and sports centre relate to the sustainability of the materials used, its cost and thermal resistance. The materials should be used easily during construction that is does not require high levels of skills in constructing. The following table provide minimum set standards acceptable for constructing a new facility. element Building regulation Passivhaus recommendations Roof 0.20 W/m2K   Wall 0.25W/m2K 0.15W/m2K Floor 0.3W/m2K   Windows, roof windows, curtain Walling and pedestrian door 2.0W/m2K 0.8W/m2K Air permeability 10.00m3/h m2 at 50 pa 1.00m3/h. m2 at 50 Pa       In the Eco School and sports centre, the roof is recommended to have a thermal resistance of 0.2W/m2K while wall thermal resistance will be 0.25W/m2K and value s for PassiveHaus of 0.15W/m2K.

The floor will have a thermal resistance of 0.25W/m2K and windows and doors will have 2.0W/m2K. RoofThe Eco school will have a roof that is environmentally sustainable that is a roof that is able to absorb greenhouse gasses, retain water, provide insulation and offer habitat to plants and animals.

It should be 30° slope and be a wet weight of ± 50 kg/m2 thus it is recommended the use of green sedum roof. The green sedum roof will require maintenance thus the school will adopt extensive sedum roof. The following table shows the materials that will be used in the construction Eco School. materials manufacturer Price Thermal conductivity (Wm2K) thickness or dimensions Sedum Plus™ Ma Sedum Green Roof   £ 225.00 per 5m2. 0.20W/m²K   Steel Accord Steel Cladding Ltd £ 5.64 per m2 0.20W/m²K   Standard Z-Purlin Accord Steel Cladding Ltd £ 5.64 per m2   (175mm x 65mm x 1.6mm) sedum carpet substrate Sedum Green Roof 22.00 per m2 0.20W/m²K   Filter Sheet SF (polypropylene) Alumasc Exterior Building Products £ 10.05 per m2 0.20W/m²K   Floradrain FS 25-E drainage layer (recycled polyethene) Sedum Green Roof £ 8.95 per sq m.   0.20W/m²K   Moisture Mat SSM 45 (Fibre mat with polypropylene carrier) Sedum Green Roof £ 23.00   0 - 24 sq m. 0.20W/m²K   Derbigum Anti-Root waterproofing system Sedum Green Roof 22.00 per m2 0.20W/m²K   Derbifoam polyurethane insulation Sedum Green Roof 22.00 per m2 0.20W/m²K. 200mm Vapour barrier(SOPRAVAP’ R) Soprema     2.44 m x 39 m The green-roof that will be used in the Eco-School is shown in the figure The roofing membrane provides the waterproofing for the roof.

As can be seen, its structure is subdivided into four different layers. A roofing membrane is directly placed on the steel roof decking in order to create a clean and straight surface.

The three other layers include a drainage type of 11mm width, a roof-garden substrate extensive of 40mm to 50mm width and on top a green sedum of 20mm to 30mm width. The selection of the particular eco-friendly type of roofing is considered with care focused on climate and weather conditions of the United Kingdom. In the case of rainfall, a 60-70% percentage of water is absorbed by the plant roots, while the remained amount of water is drained by the roof drainage system. Additionally, in order to be the primary parallel steel roof beams connected between them, purlins will be used as secondary structural framing.

There are 3 types of purlins: the Z purlin or girt, the c section and the eave strut. The c section purlins were chosen for the construction of the secondary structural framing of the roof of the school and gym buildings. The figure below shows the exact dimensions of the purlins. WallsThe walls of the eco-school and sports centre will have 250mm thick blocks will be used to create a frameless structure, while the internal walls will be built by 100mm blocks.

The recommended materials will be AAC blocks since they are strong, durable and easy to use as well as cost-effective. mortar will be used to fill the gaps between the blocks while the columns will be done with U AAC lintels filled with reinforced concrete will be used. The beam will be made of steel to have to ability to support the green roof of the school.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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