IT Operations Management - Service Level Proposal for Milkwood Limited – Business Plan Example

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The paper “ IT Operations Management - Service Level Proposal for Milkwood Limited” is a spectacular example of a business plan on information technology. The main aim of this project is to develop a proposed development plan for the Milkwood limited where it will intend to explain the complexities of IT operations management and to have a common foundation for the IT management system. The project aimed to: Discuss the complexities of IT operations Place the IT departments in the organization perspectives Some of the areas covered in this project include company background, giving objectives, and mission statement.

The principles guiding company operations, company structure, and the risk analysis of the project to be undertaken including the company overview. 1.2Company background Milkwood Company limited is one of the largest computer gaming company which develops and sell computer games. The company is having over 100 computer games that are either in the market or are on the production process. The company further has online support computer games which are over 30 different types. Direct development product currently is 15 in number while the company has outsourced 10 other products.

Currently, the company has over 400 employees who work either in the production department that is IT experts, Finance department, or marketing department within the organization. The company is being managed by Dylan Thomas as its current CEO. 1.3Company vision To be the leading computer game developer across the globe and meet the current needs and wants of its current and future customers. 1.4Mission statement The Milkwood company mission of advanced computer games is to provide high-end enthusiasts customers with personalized computer games that meets their needs. Values and principles Integrity Honesty Accountability 1.5Organization structure The organization structure can be defined as a system that is used to define the company hierarchy within the company (Jin, Machiraju & Sahai, 2002).

The structure helps in identifying jobs done by everyone, its functions, and the channel of reporting in an organization. For Milkwood limited, the structure starts with the chief executive of the company. The diagram below gives the Milkwood organization structure. Chief executive officerThis is the main person in Milkwood Company and manages all the operations of the company. He is responsible for making the final decision of the company and task by giving the company direction.

He is the company spokesperson and represents the company's interest in all the contracts and with other stakeholders. Deputy chief executive officerThis person helps in deputizing the chief executive officers. He acts on behalf of the company in the absence of the CEO and also sits in the company board meetings. He or she is responsible for the daily operations of the business IT department (Production department)This is the main department dealing with all the Information and technology-related issues in the company. The head of these departments doubles up as the head of the production.

This department is further divided into four sub-departments depending on the IT-related product in which they are involved in producing the different products. They include Operating system Desktop game system Server Networks Each sub-departments of the IT department is headed by a team leader who manages and organizes all the production-related activities in it’ s to depart then reports to the head of the IT and production department.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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