Grant Proposal for Federated Search Engine Program for Medical Library – Business Plan Example

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The paper “ Grant Proposal for Federated Search Engine Program for Medical Library” is a fascinating example of a business plan on information technology. The current era that we live in, in other words, known as the Information age, has the distinguished of being able to provide access and transfer of information freely and in addition, to have instantaneous access to information that would have been hard to find or impossible to find previously. Though the exact date remains unknown, somewhere in the latter half of the 20th century, the world moved from an Industrial Revolution to the Digital Revolution.

The economy in this revolution is primarily based on the manipulation of information which makes access to information extremely critical at all times. The traditional search methodologies have their shortcomings, which necessitates the usage of customized versions such as a Federated Search Engine. Students, these days require information in a much deeper manner than they did earlier, due to an increase in competition and the need to stay ahead of it. In order to foster a better learning environment and to harness the benefits of the digital age, the A. T Still Memorial Library at the A. T Still University, Mesa, Arizona, proposes the usage of a Federated Search Engine.

The program would make the A. T Still Memorial Library the first such library in the state and among the neighboring states to install the latest information technology infrastructure for the benefit of students. The library seeks funding in the amount of $ xxx for this program. SettingA. T. Still UniversityWith the mission to educate and prepare students to turn into proficient healthcare professionals, the A. T Still University continuously promotes compassion, integrity, and ability, while advancing the principles and philosophy of osteopathy.

The university is proud of its heritage of being the founding school of osteopathic medicine. The Mesa, Arizona campus, otherwise known as the Arizona School of Health Sciences, was founded in 1995, and with a current enrollment of 1,801 students; it (the college) has a high graduation rate of 93%. (http: //www. atsu. edu). As the founding school of osteopathic medicine in the country, the university is a pioneer in pushing the barriers of learning at the school.

The school intends to provide a state-of-the-art learning ecosystem to its students, integrating technology into practical as well as classroom education. The school has been a pioneer in incorporating modern technology into everyday learning and keeping the students abreast of new discoveries and updates in the medical world that help them meet the demand set by the 21st century. The school has sponsored training and education for me and my team to keep ourselves up to date with the changes in technology infrastructure and information technology. A.T Still Memorial LibraryThe A. T Still Memorial Library (AML) is dedicated to provide the best learning resource center for students and to enhance the quality of research at the Arizona School of Health Sciences.

The library realizes the need to stay current in the face of modernization in order for students to remain competent. The library and its staff are committed to providing quality access to the information world, realizing the criticality of information in the digital age. We hope that our current set of initiatives involving the installation of a Federated Search Engine improves our services considerably and makes available the most modern researching materials.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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