Community Engagement Plan - Building Shopping Centre for Saudi Arabian Street Venders – Business Plan Example

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The paper “ Community Engagement Plan - Building Shopping Centre for Saudi Arabian Street Venders” is a   convincing variant of a business plan on engineering and construction. Street vending is a popular activity in most developing countries. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries where street vending is a common activity in all the cities and towns. Unlike in most developed countries where street vending is not commonplace, street vending is a popular economic activity that hundreds of thousands of Saudi people depend on as a source of livelihood. Most streets in Saudi Arabia, such as Riyadh and Jeddah are flooded with street vending stalls and vendors on the move with their products on the streets.

A study conducted recently found that Riyadh and Jeddah collectively made a whopping SR380 million every year from street vending (Saudi Gazette 2016). Vegetable vendors, for instance, earn up to SR144 million annually (Saudi Gazette 2016). This implies that street vending is a big employer in Saudi Arabia and generates a lot of revenue to the local authorities of different municipalities throughout Saudi Arabia. Despite the contribution of street vending to the Saudi economy in terms of employment creation and revenue generation, street vendors work in an unhealthy and unsafe condition, something that needs to be changed in all the municipalities throughout Saudi Arabia.

Studies indicate that Saudi Arabian street venders face myriads of challenges that need to be addressed. The first major problem faced by street vendors has to do with health and safety challenges (Saudi Gazette 2016). The majority of street vendors work outside in the open. This poses health and safety challenges considering that not only are the vendors exposed to strong sun, but also their goods.

This results in health risks as some venders have been found to develop health problems because of long exposure to strong sunlight. Besides, the street vendors and their products are also exposed to rainfall and cold, which poses health and safety issues to the street vendors. For instance, it has been noted that, during rainy seasons, Saudi Arabian street venders are forced to keep moving from one place to another in search of a shelter, where they can protect themselves and their goods.

However, getting shelters is never easy and this affects their health and the safety of their products. Street vendors in Saudi Arabian cities and towns also face the challenge of inadequate access to clean water and sanitation. Like any other business person, street vendors require clean water and toilets near to their workplace. Unfortunately, studies indicate that street vendors in most Saudi Arabian municipalities have inadequate access to clean water and toilets and this makes doing business not just a big challenge but also exposes them to health risks (Saudi Gazette 2016). Additionally, street vendors face the challenge of poor waste disposal and sanitation.

The provision of good waste removal and sanitation is important for maintaining proper hygiene. Unfortunately, the fact that street vendors experience insufficient sanitation and waste removal because of lack of proper vending process exposes them to risk of unhygienic market condition, which not only exposes to health risk but also undermines the sales made by venders.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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