Gifted Young Children: A Guide for Teachers and Parents by Louise Porter – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Gifted Young Children: A Guide for Teachers and Parents by Louise Porter" is an exceptional example of an educational book review. In this book, the author has drawn the audience’ s attention towards the possibility of giftedness in children that generally display the signs of delayed development. Children that do not actively participate in class activities or tend to socialize with people elder to them are commonly underestimated by the teachers and parents on intellectual grounds, whereas it may actually be their inability to perceive the hidden talent and giftedness in such children.

To elaborate on this, the author first defines the terms “ giftedness” and “ talent” to show that these terms are much broader and inclusive of many more things that are commonly understood by us. The author says that because of our tendency to stereotype the gifted and talented people in certain ways, we are not able to identify many people that are even more gifted and talented than our stereotypes. In order to create a better understanding of such children, the author identifies certain signs of giftedness. Such children show more attachment to adults than their age mates because they can not find the required level of maturity in their age mates.

A potential reason for their continued dependence upon the parent is the insufficiency of the intellectual curriculum they are offered in the schools. These children indulge in tasks that appeal to them intellectually. Likewise, the lack of interest at a particular school level is because the child finds it boring to achieve the same targets again and again as the child has already covered that level when he/she was too young for that.

Thus, the perceived atypical development may actually be advanced development.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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