Writing Assignment Wk 9 – Book Report/Review Example

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Question of 50 2.0 Points Recovering a memory is like a _____________. A. Replaying a videotape of an event and filling in the missing sensory experiences, such as smellB. Reading a short story in which the plot is detailed but mental images must be generatedC. Hearing the soundtrack of a story without access to the visual, and other sensory imagesD. Watching unconnected frames of a movie and figuring out what the rest of the scene was like. Question 2 of 502.0 PointsWhich term is used to describe the confusion of an event that happened to someone else with one that happened to you.

A. ConfabulationB. Flashbulb memoriesC. Serial position effectsD. PrimingQuestion 3 of 502.0 PointsDetective Adams interrogates eyewitnesses of crimes on a regular basis. To ensure that their testimony is accurate, it is important that he ____________________. A. Ask leading questionsB. Make suggestive commentsC. Avoid misleading informationD. Provide misleading informationQuestion 4 of 502.0 PointsThe relearning method of measuring implicit memory, devised by Ebbinghaus involves _____________. A. Recognition of previous information sharedB. Recall of previously performed tasksC. Studying information or a task learned previouslyD.

Reteaching of information learned at an earlier age. Question 5 of 502.0 PointsIn the three-box model, all incoming information must make a brief stop in the _________. A. Short-term memoryB. Long-term memoryC. Sensory registerD. Working memoryQuestion 6 of 50When you roller blade, you are relying on ______________ memory. A. SemanticB. EpisodicC. ProceduralD. DeclarativeQuestion 7 of 502.0 PointsAutobiographical memory begins when ___________________. A. A child turns oneB. A child is able to think in the abstractC. A self-concept is establishedD. Routines have been establishedAny relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs because of experience is called ____________.

A. Behavior modificationB. Higher-order conditioningC. LearningD. ShapingWhen Alan feeds his fish, he notices that they swim to the top as soon as he turns on the aquarium light. In this example, the _______________ is the conditioned stimulus. A. Presence of Alan near the aquariumB. Fish swimming to the topC. Aquarium lightD. Fish foodQuestion 10 of 502.0 PointsIn classical conditioning, if a conditioned stimulus is no longer paired with the unconditioned stimulus, then _______________ occurs. A. Instinctive driftB. ExtinctionC. CounterconditioningD. DiscriminationQuestion 11 of 502.0 PointsShortly after Martin and his wife at filet mignon with bearnaise sauce, Martin fell ill with the flu.

Classical conditioning occurred and _________ became a conditioned stimulus for nausea. A. The type of china used by the restaurantB. The presence of Martins wifeC. The soft light from the candlesD. Bearnaise sauceQuestion 12 of 502.0 PointsPunishment ____________ the response A. WeakensB. StrengthensC. Has no effect onD. Depends onQuestion 13 of 502.0 PointsIn their study of three groups of rats in a maze, Tolman and his colleague Honzik noted that ______________ occurs without obvious reinforcement.

A. Operant conditioningB. Classical conditioningC. Latent learningD. Successive approximationQuestion 14 of 502.0 Points___________________ psychologists study how roles, attitudes, relationships, and groups influence people to do things they would not necessarily do on their own A. SocialB. CulturalC. ClinicalD. CounselingQuestion 15 of 502.0 PointsMarco enters an elevator and stands in it facing the back instead of turning around to face the elevator door. In this example, Marco violates ________________. A. His gender roleB. A social roleC. A normD. A stereotypeQuestion 16 of 502.0 PointsWhen we make situational attributions, we are identifying the cause of an action as something A.

In the environmentB. In the persons dispositionC. That is a biological traitD. With an unconscious motivationQuestion 17 of 502.0 Points________________ is a tendency for all people on a team or a mission together to agree with each other and suppress any dissension among their ranks. A. GroupthinkB. ConformityC. ConsensusD. DeindividuationQuestion 18 of 502.0 PointsLucas is making his way across a busy campus between classes. He notices smoke coming from the side of the cafeteria but figures that someone already called the fire department.

What phenomenon does this illustrate? A. Just-world hypothesisB. Diffusion of responsibilityC. DeindividuationD. GroupthinkQuestion 19 of 502.0 Points_____________ occurs when members of minority groups come to identify with and feel a part of the mainstream culture A. SocializationB. EthnocentrismC. AcculturationD. IndoctrinationQuestion 20 of 502.0 PointsLindsay has weak feelings of ethnic identity with her Scottish heritage and a strong sense of acculturation with the United States, proclaiming that she is an American and that is that! Lindsay would be considered A. SeparatistB. BiculturalC. AssimilatedD. MarginalQuestion 21 of 502.0 PointsIn what ways do stereotypes distort reality?

A. They exaggerate differences between groupsB. They overestimate differences within other groupsC. They produce many different perceptionsD. They show that members of a group can be differentQuestion 22 of 502.0 PointsThe need to avoid stereotyping was illustrated in the story of the Bahamas vacation of social psychologist Roger Brown. Brown noticed that the people he met from the Bahamas were rude, sullen, and unfriendly. By the end of this trip, Brown had concluded that ______________. A. The people that he met had to deal with so many demanding tourists that it was difficult for them to remain friendly. B.

The expression on his own face had been wintry and unrelaxed, and so Bahamas residents assumed he was not interested in them and acted in a noncommittal mannerC. Ethnocentrism is strong in the Bahamas, creating an us-them barrier between the residents and tourists. D. The majority of the residents who interact with tourists on a regular basis have become ethic separatists tied to the tourism industry for economic reasons. Question 24 of 502.0 PointsPsychological tests are used to infer a persons motives, conflicts, and unconscious dynamics on the basis of the persons interpretations of ambiguous stimuli are called _____________.

A. Clinical judgment testsB. InventoriesC. Objective testsD. Projective testsQuestion 25 of 502.0 PointsThe chief characteristics of generalized anxiety disorder is _________________. A. Continuous, uncontrollable anxiety or worryB. Short-lived but intense feelings of spontaneous anxietyC. Excessive fear of a particular situationD. Repeated thoughts used to ward off anxious feelingsQuestion 26 of 502.0 PointsKellie is extremely fearful in situations in which she must eat in public or write in the presence of others.

What Kellie has is classified as _________________. A. A generalized anxiety disorderB. An idiosyncratic phobiaC. An obsessive-compulsive disorderD. A social phobiaQuestion 27 of 502.0 Points______________ is a disorder in which a person experiences episodes of mania and depression. A. Generalized anxiety disorderB. Major depressionC. Bipolar disorderD. Borderline personality disorderQuestion 28 of 502.0 PointsWhich of the following is a factor involved in causing depression A. Repeated experience of violence B. Vulnerability to stress C. Cognitive habits D. All of the above Question 29 of 502.0 PointsThe _____________ model holds that addiction to alcohol or any drug is due primarily to a persons biochemistry, metabolism, and genetic predisposition.

A. BiologicalB. Social learningC. CognitiveD. AddictionQuestion 30 of 502.0 PointsWhich of the following is a psychotic disorder marked by delusions, hallucinations, incoherent speech, emotional flatness, and a loss of motivation? A. SchizophreniaB. PsychopathC. Dissociative identity disorderD. Paranoid personality disorderQuestion 31 of 502.0 PointsDr. Sardonicus is a clinician who treats clients with psychological disorders. His main approach to treatment includes use of medications and direct intervention in brain function. Dr. Sardonicus is most likely a A.

PsychoanalystB. PsychiatristC. PsychologistD. PsychotherapistQuestion 32 of 502.0 PointsPeople suffering from bipolar disorder are helped by taking ________________. A. An antipsychoticB. A tranquilizerC. Lithium carbonateD. An antidepressantReset SelectionQuestion 33 of 502.0 PointsWhich below is a reason to be cautious about drug prescription in the treatment of mental disorders? A. Relapse and dropout rates B. Difficulty in determining right dosage C. Unknown risks over time D. Unknown risks over timeQuestion 34 of 502.0 PointsElectroconvulsive therapy has been used successfully to treat _____________ that has not responded to other treatments, but the effects are short-lived.

A. Bipolar disorderB. Severe depressionC. SchizophreniaD. Obsessive-compulsive disorderQuestion 35 of 502.0 PointsThe originator of the famous "talking cure" in psychology was ______________. A. Sigmund FreudB. Carl RogersC. John WatsonD. Albert EllisQuestion 36 of 502.0 PointsSystematic desensitization is based on ___________________. A. Counter conditioningB. Operant conditioningC. Stimulus generalizationD. Spontaneous recoveryQuestion 37 of 502.0 PointsThe technique, invented by Albert Ellis, known as _________________ is a form of cognitive therapy. A. TransferenceB. Rational-emotive therapyC. FloodingD. Unconditional positive regardQuestion 38 of 502.0 PointsClients who do well in therapy tend to __________________.

A. Be agreeable and have a positive outlookB. Have a personal style of avoiding difficultiesC. Have at least 2 siblingsD. Participate in self-help groupsQuestion 39 of 502.0 PointsEmotions bind people together and ______________. A. Motivate people to make friendsB. Make them more sensitiveC. Motivate them to achieve their goalsD. Make them strongerQuestion 40 of 502.0 PointsDisgust and contempt would typically be considered _______________. A. PrimaryB. SecondaryC. TertiaryD. ConditionedQuestion 41 of 502.0 PointsSimon has damage to his amygdala. It is most likely that he ______________. A. Has difficulty recognizing fear in othersB.

Has lost the capacity to set aside his fear even when the danger is goneC. Feels excessively manic and euphoricD. Feels excessively depressedQuestion 42 of 502.0 PointsAs a childs cerebral cortex matures, cognitions and emotions __________________. A. Develop at the same paceB. Maintain present levelsC. Become less cognitively complexD. Become more cognitively complexQuestion 43 of 502.0 PointsA North American man would be LESS LIKELY than a North American woman to say ____________. A. "Im on edge"B. "Im worried"C. "Im frustrated"D. "Im moody. "Question 44 of 502.0 PointsChildren who live or go to school near noisy airports have ___________________.

A. Higher blood pressure and having memory problemsB. Higher blood pressure but are able to easily focusC. Lower blood pressure and are more distractableD. Lower blood pressure but are able to easily focusQuestion 45 of 502.0 PointsWhich of the following is related to having an internal locus of control? A. OptimismB. Learned helplessnessC. PessimismD. Emotion workQuestion 46 of 502.0 PointsWhich of the following is NOT a characteristic of Type A people? A. Sense of time urgencyB. AmbitiousnessC. PatienceD.

IrritabilityQuestion 47 of 502.0 PointsWhat coping method is being used when a person says, "Well, I may have lost my accounting job, but I always did want a chance to work with people, and now I can find a job that allows me to do that? A. Reappraising the situationB. Learning from the experienceC. Making social comparisonsD. Cultivating a sense of humorQuestion 48 of 502.0 PointsAccording to attachment theory of love, anxious or ambivalent lovers worry that ____________. A. They love their partner too muchB. Their partner will leave themC.

Their partner will never give them spaceD. Their partner is not good enoughQuestion 49 of 502.0 PointsAlthough Kinsey saw women as being ___________________. A. Completely different from men anatomicallyB. Caring more about affection than sexual satisfaction C. As sexually motivated as men D. Less sexually motivated than men. Question 50 of 502.0 PointsWhen gender roles change because of social and economic shifts in society, so do ___________. A. Economic and social arrangementsB. Rates of marriageC. Sexual scriptsD. Rates of divorce

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