A Theory of Justice by J. Rawls – Book Report/Review Example

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The book outlines the opinions of Rawls on social contract theory. In this case, it provides the principles of justice in giving basic rights and distinguishing social benefits in any given society. The main thesis surrounds the role of justice, components of justice and the theories used in delegating justice. The author outlines the essence of justice in social institutions as a value achieved through giving the truth. In this case, he argues that each institution must adopt the culture of giving the truth in its judgment. Otherwise, the laws and institutions must undergo reforms in cases where there is no truth.

The implementation of truth and reforms in the justice system results into equality and respect of the rights of each individual in the society. On the other hand, the author also summarizes the subject of justice in the society. He argues that social justice is the basic structure of the society that respects and protects fundamental rights and duties in any social set up. Therefore, there must be legal protection of the thoughts and conscience of individuals in competitive and private case (Rawls, p, 46-49).

In summary, the main objective of the theory of justice is to create principles that are rational and form the basic structure of the society. Individuals should accept positions of equality in the society as determinants of their association.   In such cases, there will be social cooperation that binds people to their basic rights and duties in the society. Hence, the truth will prevail in the society leading to fair justice.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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