In the Body of the World by Eve Ensler – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "In the Body of the World by Eve Ensler" is an outstanding example of a book review on English.
The author of the book “In the Body of the world” is Ensley. Her piece of work is a memoir. Her book discusses the situation the ongoing situation of sexual violence in Congo. She narrates how she was raped and how she underwent uterine cancer treatment. Her main intention is to comfort the afflicted since she uses humor in a painful story.
In her writing, she seems devoted to protection and appreciation for women. She spent most of her life with sexually violent father and a remoteness mother. Her life experiences are filled with naivety, and she intends to educate the reader and make them learn from her experiences. While working in Congo, she undergoes a horrific rape (Ensler 96). She also gets to experience the violence that women encounter in that country. After the horrifying and troublesome experience, she is diagnosed with uterus cancer that takes so much time to be treated (Ensler 198). The author connects her experience with the actual situations that women go through silently in many parts of the word. Her piece of work is inspirational, and she calls on to all people to take responsibility in ensuring that the world is a better place. She believes that gender violence is rampant, and people fail to consider its effects. Her story elaborates the kind of life that women are forced to go through as a result of gender violence.
The book can be accessed in the libraries or can be purchased in the Amazon. It was published in February 2014 and is available at different prices depending on the format. I accessed the book from a public library in hard copy