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Baba’s Eulogy Baba’s Eulogy “As my beloved father, I part with Baba with the knowledge that every member of my family looked up tohim. Interestingly, Baba had a delightful life, carrying out his private life aspects to which no member of the family interfered. He smoked cigarette and had alcohol. The best character he portrayed as father was not allowing me into his room where he smoked. As a father, he did not offer me much in the way of parenthood. His distant contact with the family especially owing to his personal traits instilled a feeling of betrayal that I also showed to my brother Hassan in retaliation.

He developed and maintained a sense of self-ego and superiority over the family. For the fatherly love he bestowed on me, he strived to spend his life savings on my wedding. Despite the strained relationship that existed between Baba and me, I still owe him his respect as a father. Baba exhibited adorable traits that every member of the family will remember as part of his legacy. He was a dedicated parent and a mentor to all the family members.

He was confident in all his endeavors, a character that was highly encouraging to all the family members. Baba was a hard working personality and always encouraging the family to attain their best in life. He was a confident man and always ready to provide the best for his family. Baba was a motivation to every member of the family to strive for success and dedication in life. Every young man would desire to emulate the excellent characters of Baba. In everything he did, Baba strived to win (Hosseini, 2011).

Baba was a brave man in his career in which he exhibited positive attitude and passion. He believed in himself as powerful and successful in all he did. In America, Baba adopted the Californian life. Through his unusually long hours of hard work at the gas station, he contracted work place ailment that degraded his emotional and psychological ego that he held for long. When we stayed within the Afghan community during my childhood and teenage days, Baba managed to make enjoy the fruits of his work by letting us stay in a posh house in Kabul.

He related well with his compatriots during his strife in Afghanistan as a civil fighter and soldier. I shall forever have fond memories of Baba, having shown good characters to all his family members and the society inclusive. As his son, I shall forever adore the extent of respect that Baba earned from his comrades and other society members. Having depicted utmost trust in all his relations with other members of the society, Baba remains an adorable personality to everyone.

My upbringing in Kabul informs my awareness of indispensable traits that everyone must adopt in life, all of which Baba nurtured in me. I shall forever adore Baba’s responsible character and a staunch family leader, always ready to suffer on behalf of every family member. Although death is inevitable, memories of Baba will be fresh everyday for the rest of my life. His friends, the family and I part with Baba but our hearts remain sorrowful because of his absence. We all loved and adored you, rest in peace Baba”. Reference Hosseini, K.

(2011). The Kite Runner. London: Bloomsbury.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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