Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich" is an excellent example of a book report on literature. The main objective of the paper is to present the reason why the “Diving into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich is the best representative of Resistance and Transformation. Resistance and transformation can be considered as two opposing forces that can describe different aspects and elements of the culture and society. The oxymoron of the analysis of the literature under study is the main force of the work presented by Mary K. DeShazer. Based on the point of view presented by the author, the “Diving into the Wreck” is the best representative of the opposing forces resistance and transformation. In the poem analyzed, the expression of resistance to change and the impulse to be stagnant in the state of being safe is presented prior to diving. The air that is being breathed and the light being seen were then greatly appreciated in a level that can be analyzed as contentment (DeShazer 1106). It is comparable to everyday events in life wherein people would dream of settling down and be content which can be a challenge. Although resistance to different forms and forces of change can be natural due to fear of the things that lie ahead, the transformation is inevitable. For diving in the wreck can be compared to facing the challenges of life. These challenges can be dark events in life but once the hint of the goals that are set can be seen, it can be easier to adapt (DeShazer 1106). Being a poem, the literary work under study was able to present the different elements representative of resistance and transformation. In addition, DeShazer was able to present, appreciate and analyze the components that make up the poem “Diving into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich.