Thicker than Water by Alex Croft – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Thicker than Water by Alex Croft" is an exceptional example of a literature book review. In the book Thicker than Water, the produced an amiable piece of literary work that has been able to inspire readers for a very long time. Situated in an era where most people are familiar with and can relate with some of the characters, the story takes a sudden turn of events when a boy’ s misunderstanding come to be termed as ‘ heroic’ (Alex 23). The essay will basically analyze how and why the boy came to be called a hero. As the story begins, many characters can be seen in the story as having different roles to play.

No one, in particular, has the title of a hero as the story proceeds. In looking at the various characters, there are many who have the characteristics of being heroes, but as the story ends, that is not the case (Alex 34). The one whom many least expected turned out to be the hero in the book just because of a simple misunderstanding. The boy received praise for being a hero by saving the situation, something which he did not expect. All in all, the boy misunderstanding is what resulted in him being termed a hero in the story.

Starting up as a humble boy with no special characters, eventually, he ended up being the talk of the story simply because of a deed he did, which persee still did not qualify to be a hero.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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