Technical Communication - A Reader-Centered Approach by Anderson – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Technical Communication - A Reader-Centered Approach by Anderson" is a delightful example of a book report on design and technology. Graphics is so important in a text because they make the text look attractive and make the reader have more interest in reading it. At times, it becomes difficult to comprehend the meaning of graphics in the text. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the one writing to ensure that the reader can apprehend the graphic used correctly. Anderson gives some guidelines for integrating graphics in the text.   I am going to illustrate why these guidelines make sense to the reader.

In the first guideline, Anderson talks about how to introduce graphics in the text. From his guideline, the reader understands that people read sentences or paragraphs after another in a text. The reader also understands that, when one wants to introduce a graph, table or a chart to a text, he or she must make a statement of introducing the reader to the graphic so that he understands how the graphic relates to the text.

The example given by Anderson on how to introduce graphic in a text makes sense to the reader in that he or she gets to know how to introduce graphics in the text. The first guideline also enables the reader to know that it is important to include some information in a graphic to enable a reader to understand it (Anderson pg. 308) In the second guideline, Anderson talks about placing the graphics near the reference. In this context, the reader understands that; one should place the graphic near the reference in order to make it easier for the readers in searching for the graphic (Anderson, pg.

308). In guideline three, Anderson talks about stating the conclusions that one wants his or her readers to draw from the graphics. In this context, a reader understands that it is important to direct the reader on the conclusions he or she is supposed to draw from the graphic in order to make the readers not misunderstand the graphic instead make them understand the right message from the graphic(Anderson, Pg. 309)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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