Trifles By Susan Glaspell – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Trifles By Susan Glaspell" is a great example of a literature book review. “ Trifles” is a narrative crafted from the experiences of a young woman in Iowa. While working as a journalist Susan witnessed one of her most shocking events that lead her to compose the play. She titled her works trifle since the events were mysterious. In the play, the wife strangled the victim; however, it is unknown to the characters in the play who committed the murder (Glaspell 2). Moreover, it is surprising that the investigators are unable to unravel the murder yet there is evidence all over the scene. The line appears in the play in the part where the author states that “ men continually disparage the women for worrying about trifles instead of about the case” .

In normal circumstances, the speaker will deliver these lines in a low tone. Moreover, the speaker will be anxious to inform the public about Wright’ s murder. The lines are significant because they are informing the audiences of the disagreements in the play. Consequently, Susan is annoyed at the manner in which the investigations of the murder are handling the case (Glaspell 5).

Susan believes the investigators are failing since they lack the goodwill and the knowledge to carry out their duties effectively. It is memorable that the women identified the person who committed the offence but they choose to hide the evidence from the investigators. Additionally, people learned of the events from Mr Hale. Susan noted that it is common for a journalist to witnesses such scenes in their line of duty. Hence, she believed that she has to encourage the society to uphold morals.

Nowadays, many murders happen but people go scot-free due to lack of evidence. According to Susan, journalists face difficulties reporting murder due to fear. Indeed, the quotation shows that men tend to despise women in society when it comes to conducting investigations. According to (Glaspell 24), the men underestimated the intelligence of women in the play.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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