The Theme of Tenacity and Economic Desperation In Annie Proulx's Job History – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "The Theme of Tenacity and Economic Desperation In Annie Proulx's Job History" is a wonderful example of a book review on English.
Job history is a book written by Annie Proulx with Leeland being the main character. The tenacity and economic desperation are the main theme Proulx depict in this book. The book describes the life history of Leeland from the time of birth until he is fifty. Proulx develops Leeland as a stubborn and unattractive character. He keeps jumping from one job to another in his whole life (Proulx. P85). He has a very hard time supporting the children and his wife because he never stay in one job for long. Leeland does not get along with all his bosses. Leeland wants to be a happy and successful person but never succeeds. The determination to become somebody makes him to be persistent and tenacious in search for a green pasture. He goes through about thirteen jobs, but none fulfills his dreams. Leeland seems very desperate in that he works even in short-term jobs to try to improve his financial position.
To show persistence and tenacity in pursuit for prosperity, Leeland has no time for present events. He manages to catch only a glimpse of the news going on in his world. Leeland appears too distant himself from what goes around in the world. According to his brief new update, the readers can tell that Leeland is caught up in an upturned life. Leeland also seems saddened by the news of the economy as it goes sour and affects the businesses. The economic desperation makes Leeland struggle so much to provide for his family. However, his plight does not come to end even after the demise of his wife. No one has time to listen to Leeland news. They seem to be fully occupied with other matters in their lives (Prouxl. p89).