The Robber Bridgegroom A Short Story By Brothers Grimm – Book Report/Review Example

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The Robber Bridegroom By Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (Brothers Grimm In my opinion, the girl in the fairy tale, who is going to be a bride, soon, is not that much intelligent that she may understand the natural clues to predict the mysterious activities of the murderer. The young woman’s father decides her marriage with a wealthy man but she is not at all feeling any attraction towards her. Though she is not interested in the marriage but still she is not that much powerful to refuse or at least speak against her father’s decision.

On the other hand, a strong character is shown when the young bride would-be escapes from the woodland and tells her father the completely scary story of her bridegroom as the cannibal (Taylor, 1994). 2. The robber bridegroom is an unethical and emotionless murderer who, along with his gang of troops is involved in the murder of young girls. Another high point of the fairy tale is that the robber bridegroom is used to eat human flesh after cutting the human body into pieces.

Similarly, he also tries to do the same thing with the girl, who is his bride to-be. He invites her in the dark woodlands so that his gang may kill her. The worst point is that the writer called the bridegroom as the cannibals in the story, the human who eats other human beings. 3. The fairy tale ‘Robber Bridegroom’ written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, or commonly called as Brothers Grimm, is very interesting as compared to other fairy tales of that time. The reason is that it contains drama, emotions, thrill and fear in one plot of the story.

The strange situation occurs when we witness that the young girl who is going to be a bride soon, does not care for the natural signs of escaping from the dark woodland. Another unusual thing in the story is the perception about the women role in the society. At that particular time, father is being considered as the main decision maker of the family like he is deciding the marriage of his daughter on his own, but after that decision, the role depiction of the young girl and that of old lady in the wood land may change the minds of the readers (Analysis of a Fairy Tale, 2011).

4. The fairy tale ‘Robber Bridegroom’ is very different from other fairy tales in many regards. This fairy tale depicts the gender equality of women and men, that should be practiced in the society but unfortunately, it is not being done. On the other hand, the writer also point out the ill treatment of men which they behave with women, like dragging a women badly using her hair, gang rape and then inhuman killing and cutting the body into pieces (Jackson, 2006).

All these acts actually show the brutality of the society towards women. However, this kind of brutality and cruelty is not commonly practiced in the modern times but still it shows the long journey of women which they have covered to gain a status in the society. Still we are not sure that we are living in a gender equal society or not. References: Taylor, M. (1994), ‘The Robber Bridegroom By The Brothers Grimm’, Classic Literature, retrieved on Sep 22, 2014 from http: //classiclit. about. com/library/bl-etexts/grimm/bl-grimm-robber. htm‘Analysis of a Fairy Tale’, Culture, Art and Literature, (2011), Retrieved on Sep 22, 2014 from http: //cultureartandliterature. blogspot. com/2011/07/analysis-of-fairy-tale-robber. htmlJackson, C.

(2006), ‘Thursday’s Tale: The Robber Bridegroom by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’, Carol’s Notebook, Retrieved on Sep 22, 2014 from http: //carolsnotebook. com/2011/10/06/thursdays-tale-the-robber-bridegroom-by-jacob-and-wilhelm-grimm/

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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