The Orchid Thief – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "The Orchid Thief" is an outstanding example of a book report on journalism.   Who wrote the book? The of the book is Susan Orlean, a staff of the New Yorker. Why? The book was written to portray the mysteries of grandeur and passion of people as well as the extent of how far they will go to sustain and pursue this hobby or addiction.   Under What Circumstance? The book was written as an exploration of a certain John Laroche who was an eccentric plant dealer that had been arrested for poaching rare orchid specimen from Florida.

The author learned about Laroche in a local newspaper and decided to research on the matter. Along the course of writing the book, the author was able to discover the subculture of passionate orchid collectors and the crimes associated with it.   Relevant InfoThe book contained elements of real circumstance that happened in Florida in 1994. It also unearthed social issues that coupled the history of orchid growing and hunting among the natives of Florida. This included conspiring with the Seminoles to legalize the collection of the exotic ghost orchid since they were exempted from this particular federal law.

How was the book received? The book was perceived as an ethnography of passion and obsession How Did People respond To It? Generally, the people responded to it positively while some critiqued that the book lacked direction and sense of purpose because it ended in such a hanging manner. Others were also bedazzled by the keenness of Susan Orlean and her detailed description of the subculture of flower collection.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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