The New Cotton – Book Report/Review Example

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The New Cotton - From Race Chattel Slavery to Race Conviction SlaveryThe New Cotton: From Race Chattel Slavery to Race Conviction Slavery was written by Leo Barron Hicks some few years ago and mainly lays emphasis on black American’s struggle from their days of slavery to their current state. The main objective that led to Hicks writing this book was to bring out the idea of the extent of oppression that the black Americans are facing over the years. His writing tries to explain to the young black Americans what the real purpose for the criminal justice is, and what the future holds for them. The author has tried to effectively bring out the issues young black Americans are facing especially on matters regarding to criminal justice.

He points out that they are highly discriminated, as he argues that the criminal justice targets African Americans and other minor races within the country for arrests and prosecution. This is in appropriate as that is not true the criminal justice is free and fair and does not pick on people based on their racial background. In this book, the title has given us an overall insight of what the author wants to put across.

The comparison has come out remarkably well the blacks were history slaves’ way back before colonialism, and up to date, they still face some form of slavery. This is because, from his writing, he argues that most young blacks are still in bondage due to the fact they are always the ones being accused of any form of misconduct. Hence I think the comparison he has made is quite appropriate as racial discrimination still exists. On matters regarding to the author’s style of the writing, application of quotations has not been overused; instead he has used it only when quoting other writers work.

Sentence construction has also been effectively used in his text and lastly he has used normal font throughout his book. All these factors enable easy reading of his text, and hence his work qualifies to be of quality. This is because quality is measured with regard to customer satisfaction, the customer in this case being the readers.

On a general assessment of the author, from his work evident in the book, he has done quite well in trying to talk about one of the pressing issues in the American history. The author has talked about many issues including; the state of African Americans, the extent of discrimination especially in criminal justice administration, a general history, racial discrimination experiences by blacks and other minor races from the whites and slavery both of the body and mind. According to me as a reader and a scholar, on taking a critical analysis of the book, I think it brings out a valid point.

The issue of slavery has been discussed by so many writers and it still remains a serious problem facing the black Americans. They are unable to enjoy a free life regardless of the fact that they have already been colonized. This is not the case with whites, as they do not feel any form of discrimination against them. Hence, by the author talking about these issues, he had a significant point even though at some points, his argument was not carefully outlined.

For example, when he argues that black Americans, have become their own worst enemy (Hicks, 112). By writing this book, Hicks tried to inspire and educate the young blacks to rediscover their potential and be capable to know where they came from and where they are headed. Work Cited. Hicks, Leo B. The New Cotton: From Race Chattel Slavery to Race Conviction Slavery. Richardson, TX: L. Barron Hicks Publishers, 2007. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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