The Method Again – Book Report/Review Example

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Teacher Step The repetition upon this poem is numerous. They are vital because they enhance the understanding of the poem. They also make the poem to be memorable. “So This Is Nebraska. ” I x3, Like x6, Your x 4, You x5, Feel x 4, Old x2. “Two. ” I x3, Men x2, Father x 2 Step 2: Repetition is evident in the poem. Strands are also common and they involve lines that have more than one repetitive word in that line. This puts emphasis on the poem and enhances understanding of the poem. In line 17 the author repeats the words you feel like to create memory and understanding. Line 17 you feel like that; you feel like letting    Step 3: Contrasts in the poems are evident.

It is also important as it enables the writer to give his feelings. In the poem “Two” by Kooser, he describes in line 2 in that he met two fines looking descending. In line 8 he describes them to be unsteady in their polished shoes and he even calls them old and young. i.e Line 1 and 2-I met two fine-looking men Line 8- unsteady on his polished shoes, In the poem “So this is Nebraska” by Kooser, there is the use of the contrast.

In Line 1 the author describes the roads as rough and dusty. It was coupled with bad looking old ladies and the vicinity was even having the cobwebs. Contrast manifests from line 8where the author describes the place as a go zone. In the first section of the poem, Nebraska was described with its gravel and dusty road then in the second section the author seemed to be enchanted by the rural road in Nebraska as the author fondly described “the pollen and bees,    a pickup kicks its fenders off and settles back to read the clouds”.

Then finally, the author felt relaxed that he would not even be bothered even if his tires go flat that and felt like dancing around the road. Contrast has made this poem to be memorable because it describes a place (Nebraska) then feeling good about it. The first would be “driving along with your hand out squeezing the air” because it felt like an enjoyable ride.

Then the author felt so carefree without any care of the world that he would “feel like letting your tires go flat, like letting the mice build a nest in your muffler” which implies that nothing could spoil his day because he felt so good that any bad events such as having a flat tire would not affect him and let the figurative mice build its nest in the muffler. Step 4: List what you think are the two most important exact repetitions, the two most important strands, and the two most important contrasts in the poems. Repetition. You x 5,feel x 6 This is vital as it enhances understanding. Strands You feel like that; you feel like letting    Contrasts I met two fine-looking men unsteady on his polished shoes Step 5: Exact repetition is vital in the poem.

It has been greatly used In both poems to bring emphasis. Constant use of the words makes the understanding of the poem since one is reminded by the repetition. Works Cited Kooser, T. (2011). So this is nebraska. Retrieved 2015, fro m http: //www. poetryfoundation. org/poem/171336 Ted, K. (2012). Two. Retrieved 2015, from http: //www. poetryfoundation. org/poem/248688

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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