The Gentle Subversive By Mark Lytle – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "The Gentle Subversive By Mark Lytle" is an exceptional example of a book review on environmental studies. The Gentle Subversive by Mark Lyttle offers a detailed biography of Rachel Carson who many consider as the mother of the environmental movement. Through her influential book: Silent Spring, Carson brought to light the adverse effects of Pesticides, especially DDT on the environment. This led to the ban of DDT in the US in 1972. The book was an instant hit and is featured in many lists of great books. Even though her claims were proven to be true, no other insecticide has proven to be effective in the fight against malaria than DDT.

Since the abolition of this pesticide, deaths related to Malaria have been on an upward high particularly in African countries like Kenya and South Africa. Her argument was that pollution of the environment was being brought about by overusing or misusing DDT. This statement can only mean that when properly used DDT is not harmful to the environment. At a time when demand towers oversupply, it would mean that humans look for the cheapest and effective ways of production.

DDT is not only twice as effective as all insecticides; it is also far much cheaper. The best approach that Carson should have taken is to urge people to use the pesticide according to instructions given. The government should have also opted to put stringent laws against people who were overusing and misusing the drug instead of banning it. Her intentions may have been good, but her actions seemed to favor birds and the environment at the expense of human life. However, she may be forgiven because the level of Science and health at that particular time was a bit lower.

It is a shame to watch millions of people die from a disease that can be easily contained simply because the government would rather protect birds and environment at the expense of humanity. The environment can be reclaimed, but human life cannot be.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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