Review: The Exemplary Husband This book is based on the Christian perspective of how a husband should deal with situations and manage everything for a happy, pleasant and successful life. This book keeps its focus on the traditional values of the Christ’s life. This book is divided in to 4 parts namely: A husband’s understanding, responsibilities, resolves and regrets.
The first part of the book requires a husband to understand the biblical concepts of the existence of God, personal recognition and relationships. This part aims to direct the reader’s thoughts towards the biblical perspective of relationship, marriage and social connections.
The second part, Husband’s responsibilities, deals with the husband’s requirements of care, affection, control, physical relationship and stewardship. The third part, a husband’s resolves, is concerned with the deep assurance of the husband to maintain modesty, kindliness in attitude with wife, help out his wife in dealing with her wrongs or sins, excellent communication, and moderately resolving conflicts.
The last part of the book aims to highlight the common sins or mistakes of men which are responsible for divorces or conflicts among married couples. Dr. Scott points towards lust, anger, anxiousness, suspicion and fear of husbands which weakens the relationship slowly and ends up in breaking it.
This book is an excellent source of guidance and advice for couples and provides a number of suggestions to keep relationships strong and firm. The main point of the author is to direct husbands towards loving their wives but keeping in their minds and consciousness to do it for the bliss of GOD.