The Color Purple by Alice Walker – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "The Color Purple by Alice Walker" is an outstanding example of a book report on literature. The creator, Ms. Walker illustrated in her book, The Color Purple, is that of the offensive men and the demoralized women. Rather than coming home and celebrating in the marvels of family life, the black men represented inside the tale come home and verbally, physically, mentally, and spiritually exploit their women. This appears to be the sadistic cycle, which transpires throughout most of the narration. When attempting to explore the substance of the novel, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, and the manner it appears, we distinguish that there are particular things which persuaded the occurrences or things which influenced the creator to compose a novel of its nature.

We, as readers, ought to be aware of these events and circumstances. Walker made use of a mixture of literary mechanisms towards the story, providing it more of an impact. She employed symbolism, put on her character as an author, and utilized a particular dialect intended for her characters, all in letter structure. It is significant for the author to make use of these strategies inside their novels, particularly if they are attempting to express a specific message or concerns towards their readers.

Indeed, Walker employed just the appropriate kind of language to illustrate a representation of her character's existence just vibrant enough in order that we as readers might experience what was going on with the story and what these characters were currently thinking. During her younger years, Celie was unfortunately raped by her father (pg. 11) and soon afterward gives birth to a couple of children.

She envisions God as absolutely disconnected from her world. She composes a letter to God because she assumes that she has no other means to transmit what she feels. Her faith appears to be strong; however, it is conditional on merely what other individuals have exposed to her concerning God. Shug used to be "Mr. "s girlfriend, the person who constantly got away. When she reappears to visit "Mr. ", she not only shook up “ Mr. ” ’ s feelings but as well those of Celie’ s. Shug informs her that God has neither gender nor race.

This gave way for Celie to distinguish God in a special manner. Shug, as well, manipulates "Mr. " up to the moment that he winds up treating Celie much better than before. In the long run, Shug herself built a physical connection with Celie. By demonstrating to Celie the sensations of life along with her body (pg. 82), she assisted Celie to improve herself spiritually and emotionally.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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