The Brand Gap by Marty Nuemeier – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "The Brand Gap by Marty Nuemeier" is a perfect example of a book report on business. In this book, Marty Nuemeier mentions ways to bridge the often found gap between business strategy and design. The book is informative as well as interesting primarily because the author has busted many myths about brands and business strategies. According to the author, a brand is neither a logo nor an identity and nor a product rather it is a gut feeling of an individual. The book presents simple concepts in an interesting way. For example, Trust is explained through the equation as a sum of reliability and delight and Success is explained as a ratio of bang and buck. The book discusses ways to measure brand value such as price premium, customer preference, replacement cost, stock price, and future earnings.

The book mentions about five essential disciplines of brand-building. The first discipline is differentiation. The companies need to differentiate by focusing on 3 aspects – what they are, what they do and why does it matter. For achieving the second discipline of collaboration the companies must consider one of the 3 models i.e. one-stop-shop, brand agency, and integrated marketing team. The third discipline talks about innovation, creativity, names, and graphics. The fourth discipline is about validation and customer feedback through focus groups and field tests. The fifth discipline mentions the importance of cultivating business as a process and influencing the character of a brand.
The five disciplines of brand-building also need to be supplemented by a continuing brand education program referred to in the book as a compass so that brand awareness gets distributed. These initiatives would help bridge the gap between business strategy and the actual design of operations. This would help in creating a sustainable competitive advantage for the organization. Overall the book is presented in a very compelling and friendly fashion. Concepts are supported by smart graphics, equations, examples, and diagrams. It is a pleasure to understand marketing in such a fashion.