Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Handmaid’ s Tale by Margaret Atwood" is an exceptional example of a literature book review. This tale is about a handmaid who was assigned to an elite family in the Republic of Gilead which replaced the United States of America. There were dangerously low levels of reproduction rates because of chemical spills and diseases which is why these handmaids were assigned to bear the children of others. A handmaid is supposed to have wordless sex with her Commander at the correct point of her menstrual cycle in order to get pregnant.

The name of this handmaid was Offred. Offred narrates her story from the pre-Gilead times when she has an affair with a married man Luke, who divorced his previous wife and married Offred. When Gilead took over, women rights were cracked down which forced Luke and Offred to flee to Canada. Unfortunately, they were caught on the border and Offred was separated from Luke and her daughter. After her capture, she was sent to Red Center which was a place where women were transformed into handmaids. Then she was assigned to the Commander’ s house where she had to do sex with him every month and frequently visit the doctor.

Once, on her visit to the doctor, she was offered by the doctor to have sex with him in order to get pregnant because the Commander seemed to be infertile. This offer was turned down by Offred. Gradually, she began spending time with her Commander and was engaged in an affair with him. The wife of her Commander asked Offred to have sex with Nick, their Gardner, and hand over her child to Commander’ s family.

Offred accepted the offer. Nick and Offred got into a relationship and frequently slept together. MayDay, an underground group working for the fall of Gilead, helped Offred to escape from her Commander. The novel closes with an event from 2195 where Gilead has fallen and Offred has possibilities of escaping to England, Canada or getting recaptured.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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