Summer Reading Assignment Over THE GLASS CASTLE – Book Report/Review Example

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Summer Reading Assignment over THE GLASS CASTLE Answer" “Then the flames leaped up, reaching my face” (Wall) The Wells children were adolescent and could not look after themselves and hence, it will be inappropriate to make the Wells children emancipate from their parents. This is because the children will not be able to make suitable decisions as adults in their early stage of life (Walls 1- 248). Children are not capable of taking decisions for effectively looking after themselves. In this respect, providing rights to the children may hamper their future adversely (Walls 1- 248). The children at their earlier stage must be granted more rights depending on the capabilities of interpreting different situations and in this regard, children’s right should not be examined (Walls 1- 248).

2.) "Answer"“Lori understood Mom better than anyone” (Walls) Rosemary wants to improvise the standard of living for her family and wants to provide quality education to all her four children (Walls 1- 248). Beside, fulfilling the dreams of her children, the mother didn’t want to give up the dream of being a good painter, as she was determined in her life (Walls 1- 248).

Adults should not give up her dream of accomplishing their objectives, but in life there are certain situation where fulfilling the dream of children are more important than the parents’ own dream (Walls 1- 248). 3.) "Answer"“We were always supposed to pretend our life was one long and incredibly fun adventure” (Walls)The extent to which the rules have assisted Wells children in achieving healthy development by properly organizing the things that are needed to lead a better life (Walls 1- 248). The extent to which the rules have restricted children is that they are unaware about what is good and bad for them, which also limited the children in making proper decisions in the future (Walls 1- 248).

There are certain rules that are age appropriate, as children are underage to make effective decisions about their life (Walls 1- 248). It is worth mentioning that sometimes parents do forget about the children, as they are busy in their own day to day task. Thus, in some cases it is necessary to facilitate children to make their own decisions.

Accordingly, certain rules are identified to freeing owing to the fact that rules as well as discipline are seemed to provide certain freedom to the children (Walls 1- 248). 4.) "Answer"“Mom and Dad did most of our teaching” (Walls)Rex Walls possesses the problem of alcoholism, but the things he carries out are quite exciting (Walls 1- 248). Although, Rex suffered from the lack of providing addition support to his family, the father has ensured in providing his children with quality education. Rex looks to be unfit, but the way he has managed to provide the children with appropriate education is quite appreciable (Walls 1- 248). 5.) "Answer"“They said that they were living the way they wanted to” (Wall)The most vital thing observed in the development of the children is the support of the parents and care as well as the skills of the parents (Walls 1- 248).

It is worth mentioning that though the family has come across many complexities, the parents remained firm in raising their children by providing quality education and teaching based on which the family will be able to fulfill their dreams (Walls 1- 248).

6.) "Answer"“A few miners lived along the street, but most of the grown-ups didn’t work at all” (Walls)The parents are identified to be focused on their dreams based on their own capabilities and without depending on others (Walls 1- 248). The refusal of charity and food stamps offered by other to Walls family may cause psychological problem to children, as the children may not be able to lead a balanced life by themselves. This will actually make the children weak to stand firm in the future.

Additionally, lack of acceptance of charity might also affect self-motivation as well as independence (Walls 1- 248). Work CitedWalls, Jeannette. The Glass Castle. New York: Scribner. 2005. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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