Summary – Book Report/Review Example

TAWHEED and Vicegerency: A Summary The power point presentation on the topic Tawheed and Vicegerency as an introduction to Islam presented various concepts and perspectives on both topics. Under Tawheed, the concept of duality was briefly explained as two natures: God (the creator) and non-God (His creation). An illustration of a Tawhidi Paradigm was presented the two nature as unique and separate. The concept of domains: spiritual and natural was likewise discussed and proceeded to the relationship between Allah and His Creations. As Allah, it was clearly stated that He is the only Creator, All knowing, Ever Present, the ultimate judge who creates as He pleases in a purposeful way subject to natural laws. Likewise, Allah demands worship and provides His creation with guidance and support. The concept of ideation was also discussed as Allah provided His creation with faculties of understanding.
The concept of vicegerency was introduced with quotations from the Qu’ran. Proper definitions were given and its relation to tawhidic perspectives. In addition, the building blocks of vicegerency was extensively discussed with clarifying statements and quotations. It emphasized the role of humans as vicegerent on earth and man’s interaction with each other and with nature. Again, the ability to choose was reiterated making man capable of creating and utilizing products which ultimately impact and affect nature. In its totality, man, equipped with choice and the ability to produce is part of an interconnected system.
Finally, various case studies on God, Creation, Human, and Tawid Centric perspectives encompassing anthropology, technology and environmentalism were likewise discussed.
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