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Story Report Story Report Suspense structure Upcountry Life is been extremely fascinating with many new things to learn. However, father and my other two brothers had to leave for the city shortly leaving behind hell of a life. Only two of us, mother and I were left in that vast home; surprisingly, I learnt to cope with the boredom and loneliness coupled with the daily absence of mother as she attended her business activities. I found solace in either of the mother’s cars. She had two cars, the blue mazda6, and Chrysler 200 that she used interchangeably.

Therefore, these cars were always well fuelled which enabled me to roam the entire black pool forest area; however, she had warned me stunningly about using her cars without permission (Dąbała, 2012). On the dawned of February 4 2011, I had some experience that was quite unpleasant and never to forget. The aftermath of this day’s activities left devastated and destroyed my life. After my mother had left for work, I took one of her cars and hit on the roads on a dried and a quite mild sun’s effect.

I drove on the rough, hard road at a high speed with loud music destined to favorite places. The loud music absorbed my mind making it difficult for me to notice the presence of a herd of cattle that were crossing the road. The only thing that I could vividly recall was the I tried evading some on coming cows when I woke up, I was in a hospital bed; mother’s sobbing face was more than traumatizing. She expected an explanation of what happened which I knew was consequence bound.

However, the damage was already done, and the best was to wish me a quick recovery. I apologized for what had happened (Stewart, 1978). Hard StructureA blue mazda 6 rested upside down in the middle of the road. Some passersby and villagers stood by the car and fallen cows to watch the accident scene. A bull and a calf were laid on the roadside with fracture jaws and broken legs. They were spuriously bleeding while they were being attended. From the car, an unconscious young boy was rescued though with a bruised face and a broken leg.

Rural flying doctors had just been called to save the poor boy; meanwhile the villagers and sympathizers conducted first aid to the victim. Fifteen minutes later, the emergency service crew landed and picked the patient to the hospital (Ungerer, 2000). Among the bystanders, two men gave their witness accounts concerning the incident. One who identified himself as Jim said, “the car approached the road on a very high speed of about 140kph, racing towards the black pool (as the nearby large forest was popularly referred).

One of the continued by saying “The driver seemingly did not notice the herd of the cattle crossing. He attempted an emergency break; however, the car rammed on the cows that were rushing past the road. ” The police had arrived just as the boy was being rushed to the care unit. To locate his identity and the parents, his mother’s passport was found in the car and her contacts found. She arrived at the scene moments later with only a handful of villagers still roaming around.

Her son had just been admitted at the St. Catherine memorial Hospital. According to some of the neighbors, this young boy had been doing this for the last two weeks on no end. When the mother was questioned she said, “I am extremely disappointed with what has happened. She continued by saying that she had always cautioned me not to be using any of the cars when Ishe is away. ”ReferencesChatman, S. B. (1980). Story and discourse: Narrative structure in fiction and film. Ithaca, NY [u. a.: Cornell Univ.

Press. Dąbała, J. (2012). Mystery and suspense in creative writing. Berlin: Lit. Stewart, W. K. (1978). Time structure in drama: Goethes "Sturm und Drang" plays. Amsterdam: Rodopi. Targeting media: Photocopiable units based on media text types: middle high school. (2000). Glebe, N.S. W: Blake Education. Ungerer, F. (2000). English media texts, past and present: Language and textual structure. Philadelphia, PA: Benjamin.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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