Southland by Nina Revoyr – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Southland by Nina Revoyr" is a delightful example of a literature book review. Southland refers to a story set in Los Angeles, California in the late ’ 30s to the present days. It is a story of a Japanese family and a murder that occurs during the Watts uprising in 1965 (Revoyr 4). There were four African American boys found dead in Frank Sakai's freezer. Massey’ s essay, The Construction of the Ghetto, on the other hand, was an essay that surveyed the cruel black and white landscape of modern America (Massey 1).

The residential separation of whites and blacks was with the Americans so long that it appeared to be a natural part of their social order. It is now clear that the two writings focused mainly on the segregation and suffering of the African American people who lived in the United States. Nina Revoyr’ s novel is a story about a young woman determined to find the answers as to what happened to three of her brothers-in-law. They were found dead in the freezer of their grandfather. Given that their grandfather was of Chinese origin, this goes without saying that the household took part in the killings (Revoyr 13).

Maybe the family did not appreciate the fact that their daughter married an African American, especially during a time that everybody despised the African race. In comparison to Massey’ s essay, it was also set during the time of Watts uprising (Massey 1). This was a time when African social isolation was severe. According to Massey, this is what led to the rising of the ghetto dwellings. African Americans were brutally murdered at this time.

They were not allowed to live around white people and only a few African Americans could enjoy this privilege. In conclusion, this shows that the two writings focused on the time that African Americans were treated as outcasts in a nation they were forced to go and work.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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