Short Stories Snow White, Cinderlla, Hansel And Gretel – Book Report/Review Example

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Short Stories Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel Question The outstanding character about snow whiteis the fact that she was splendid and beautiful and still had a humble soul. She was vulnerable to the stepmother’s cruel treatment despite being the daughter of the king. “Take the child away into the forest I will no longer have her at my sight. Kill her and bring me her heart as a token. “(Grimm, 2011). When she was taken to the forest by the hunts man, it was obvious that she could not survive since she spend all her life in the palace but she was a brave thus was able to fight cold, loneliness and fear night in the forest.

It was surprising that the king’s daughter was dutiful even after being raised in a palace as she cleaned the dwarf’s house, and cooked a wonderful meal. Initially, snow white was used to sleeping on big and beautifully made beds but she was humble enough to sleep on the dwarf’s bed. She had the power when she was married, but she did not revenge on her malicious stepmother thus her forgiving character.

Question 2In the story about Cinderella, her character is revealed as hardworking as she spends the whole day cleaning, cooking and making her sisters beautiful. Although Cinderella wore rugged clothes, she was more beautiful than the sisters were but she was humble and never tried to argue with her ugly sisters about her beauty. Cinderella was vulnerable and defenseless hence the harsh treatment from the stepmother and the three sisters. Additionally, she had a self-effacing character and she was not arrogant to her ugly sisters when the King chose her.

Cinderella is forgetful, as she lost truck of time when she went to the ball and forgot the godmother instructions. The godmother said “Have fun, but be back at midnight or else”. (Wade and Monks 2009) Her character can be explained as calm because she was quiet all night when the women were talking about the mysterious princess at the ball. She could say that she was the beautiful person who got the prince’s attention as that gives the sisters a chance to mock her.

Question 3A Princess was from a noble family as she was from a family of high social status. More likely than not, individuals from this class often have chefs and house cleaners to do all the chores in the house. In the case of snow-white, it is different as she can cook a delicious meal and clean a house and this seems rather awkward. When the dwarfs came back in the evening they asked” who is that person who cleaned and cooked this meal? ” (Grimm, 2011).

Moreover, most children from a high social status are arrogant and rude but Snow white is different as she is cheerful and humble. Snow white had a right to fight for her position as a princess but she chose to live a low life instead this shows her character as a vulnerable princess who could not fight for her rights. Adversely, she chose to stay with the seven dwarfs who were poor and had nothing to themselves. Besides snow white being brought up in a palace, she was able to adapt to the poor life with the dwarfs.

She was comfortable sleeping on small beds and eating their food. Question 4 Another fact is that everything was supposed to disappear after the clock struck twelve but to Cinderella’s amazement, everything disappeared but the shoe. Another puzzling issue is that Cinderella was beautiful and yet defenseless when the sisters called her ugly. This is strange as most people would be defensive and the harsh treatment would lower their esteem but Cinderella was always strong and happy. It is strange that Cinderella father did not come for her defense when treated harshly.

It was rather strange that the prince could not recognize Cinderella the nest day. The king said when he saw Cinderella, Let this girls try it on”. (Wade & Monks 2009). She king could have found Cinderella rather familiar. Question 5From the stories above it is clear that most stepmothers are cruel and selfish and all they do anything is make their stepchildren suffer. The same case occurs from the Hansel and Gretel who are left by their stepmother in the forest by themselves.

Cinderella’s stepmother was harsh and cruel to Cinderella and always made her work hard while she was lazing around making herself beautiful. Additionally, snow white’s stepmother is a wicked witch who would kill for jealousy. The stepmother said to the huntsman, from the three stories, it is also clear that stepmothers target the vulnerable and weak to carry out their evil plans without thinking of the consequences. For instance, Hansel and Gretel stepmother left the children in the forest with a hope that they would die of hunger.

It is obvious that the husbands in these stories are reluctant and submissive to their wives as they are incapable of fighting for their children’s rights. ReferencesGrimm, J & Grimm W. (2009). Snow white. Newyork. North-South. Wade, B., & Monks, J. (2009). Cinderella. Minneapolis, Minn: Picture Window Books.

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