Seminar Paper – Book Report/Review Example

What Machines Can’t Do? David Brooks s in his article that certain human skills have become less valuable due to technological development. Like strong memory or securing straight As’ will not have any high worth in near future. Technology has even taken on cognitive tasks as well like diagnosing disease, picking stocks, etc. However in my view, humans do need to learn new skills like managing technology or utilizing it. According to the author, humans will depend more on technology to perform their daily tasks but such dependence does not prove that machines will have high margin over humans as humans design those machines for their own convenience. There are numerous tasks that machines cannot perform like reading a hard to read hand written paragraph that humans can read.
Humans and machines both have their own limitations and both depend on each other to move forward like humans build machines and algorithms to fit their needs and then machines serve the humans accordingly. Those machines need rectification and updating that only human can do. A human cannot memorize or calculate in zillions but can program a computer to do so. A human is strategic and can get overall direction of the matter while a computer is tactical and can keep a record of small indefinite details and calculations of the matter.
Above all, creativity and emotions are something that are purely human domains and machines are helpless to be creative like composing a symphony, writing poetic verses, drawing painting, acting according to situation, etc. Therefore, humans will always stay above machines despite high dependence due to the fact that humans are the real creators of machines.
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