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How to Write a Selling Screenplay Log lineBrian Hogan’s mother is kidnapped while he is still a little boy only to be returned later with a slit throat, in search of the murderer Brian sets out on a brutal revenge mission. Act oneScene one: In a flash back, Brian is a three year old boy living with his parents in the Massachusetts. Scene two: He goes to a school within the metropolis where he neither has sufficient friends nor performs substantially he is always seen walking home by himself if not on very rare occasions when his mother comes by to pick him.

His colleagues cannot easily understand him; he leaves the school immediately the children are let free and does not entertain any friendship. Scene three: One day on those very rare occasions, his mother comes by to pick him from school. As he walks happily trying to narrate to his uninterested mother about an ordeal he had at school with another pupil, a black sedan pulls up on the side pavement thereby blocking their way. Scene three: Two men dressed in black immediately jump out of the car that has its engine running and they gag his mother and shove her ruthlessly into the trunk of the van, the street is full of people and he believes that at least anybody could have seen what had just taken place; unfortunately for him no one helps.

He is left alone and proceeds home in anticipation of telling his father what had just happened only to arrive and find no one there. Act two(Years have gone by and Brian is now an adult.

He has retained his withdrawn personality which greatly affects his chances of getting employed. Ever since the day when he was three when he went home after his mother’s kidnap, Brian has never seen his parents again. However, he had been trying to investigate the whereabouts of who could have kidnapped his mother and is already catching wind of a possible kidnapper. Brian is not a violent man but he can get very temperamental when provoked. He tries concentrating on his work at the factory but he just can never keep his mind off his crooked childhood and the kidnap of his mother). Scene one: It is one of those days again when he takes weekly rounds in the huge textile manufacturing plant inspecting its condition as the plant engineer, at the very end of a vault that had he had not bothered to check for the last couple of weeks, Brian hears a soft moan that he cannot place anywhere in his sharp memory.

Scene two: He peeps inside and the sight that meets him takes him squeezes air out if his lungs.

Act threeScene one: From the end of a dark corner in the large plant floor, he can barely make out a figure vanishing fast yet in his lap is an elderly woman with her throat slit and gushing blood. Scene two: Brian places the woman down on the cold factory floor and reaches for his cell phone; he dials 911, calls for help and sits by his mother who is fast losing life. Scene three: Twenty minutes later, doctors arrive and swing into action in a bid to rescue the poor woman who unfortunately dies soon after while on a stretcher.

(Keane 93). Work citedKeane, Christopher. How to Write a Selling Screenplay: A Step-by-Step Approach to Developing Your Story and Writing Your Screenplay. New York: Broadway Books, 1998. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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