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Article Review Review Eemeren explains argumentation theory as a combination of several smaller disciplines such as descriptive discipline and normative discipline. In the argumentative theory, the theorists focus on coming up with argumentation instruments that are vital to in the development of the main argumentative theory. Eemeren adds that dialect perspective that dwell on the reasonableness of the argument between the two conflicting parties. On the other hand, the rhetorical perspective dwell on the effectiveness of solving the argument between two conflicting audiences and these two disciplines constitute to the main argumentation theory.

In the argumentation theory, the theorists relate the two perspectives the same manner Aristotle interprets the approaches in his articles (Eemeren, 2012). However, the relationship between dialectic perspective and rhetorical perspective loses ground in the modern argumentative theory where the theorists have described them differently. The relationship between the two perspectives became visible again on the introduction of the Pragma-dialectical argumentation that argues the same as Aristotelian argumentation. Pragma-dialectical and Aristotelian argumentations have slight difference in the areas such as the origin, style and the substance.

The rhetorical perspective in the both arguments dwells on the effectiveness of convincing the audiences to come to an agreement. Additionally, dialectic perspective in the two argumentations focuses on the sustenance of rationality in resolving an argument between the two conflicting audiences ((Eemeren, 2012). Evaluation Argumentation is a social action that focuses on increasing or reducing the height of controversy of the audience by suggesting an idea that support or refute the argument before giving a reasonable judgment. In an argumentation, personal opinion is not adequate but people have to argue when they differ on a perspective and the aim of the argumentation is to justify once stance while refuting other person’s claim.

The Eemeren version of argumentation theory in his article is very popular to many people and it begins with for principles. The usefulness of this article is that it can help people to establish a competent platform to assist then in the comprehensive evaluation of argumentations from an expert viewpoint. The strength of Eemeren article is that it has given a clear foundation for a person to engage in an argument and it has suggested the areas that one can apply the argumentation.

Moreover, the article can assist the theorists to undertake practical research to show the preconditions for tactical planning in various areas of communication. However, there is no clear evidence of the steps to use for someone to be competitive in an argumentation to make a concrete judgment and refute the claim of the other person. ReferenceEemeren, H. (2012). In What Sense Do Modern Argumentation Theories Relate to Aristotle? The Case of Pragma-Dialectics. .

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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