Mythologies by Roland Barthes – Book Report/Review Example

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The book “ Mythologies” authored by Roland Barthes and translated by Annette Lavers contains many riveting illustrations of myth in modern society all of which suggest different meanings but hold something captivating to reflect. Barthes not only scrutinizes the immense and unbelievable power of myth in his book but also discusses how it works, penetrates through different barriers, and harms an individual. The book reflects how myriad myths could be potentially devastating for people who believe in them. It is evident from the material in the book that the mythical appeal and the stories associated with different things which enthrall people deeply influenced and interested Barthes.

Every single description contains a hint of unmistakble fascination which quite effectively makes the readers see the things in a new light. It is stressed that words and objects have extraordinary power to convey messages. Every essay in the book is about a common everyday object but which is made interesting by the way the author with acute intelligence digs into it. The book picks up random myths from the modern culture and claims that a mythologist is a person who not only acknowledges a cultural myth, but is able to separate its components, evaluate how each of them works, and finally reveal its distortions and harms.

However, a good deal of time has to be invested in every sentence and every paragraph of the book in order to understand the rather difficult and abstract style of the author. Though the book is comparatively hard to go through regarding the high level of language and proficiency, still it is worth reading owing to the exceptionally insightful content it contains.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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