Republic by Plato – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Republic by Plato " is a great example of a book report on philosophy. One of the most remarkable books on the topic of philosophy as well as political theory ever written in the history of humanity, Plato’ s The Republic deals with central aspects in the concept of an ideal state. In this Socratic dialogue by Plato, the author provides essential factors which contribute to the well-being of the citizens of an ideal state. Thus, in the Book III of the text, the author purports that the rulers of the state must be older and the ruled younger.

He also maintains that the ruler must be the best of the citizens and he must be the best guardian who is best at guarding the city. Only a ruler who loves the people can best care them and it is the people of the state who determine who is the best ruler. Similarly, the best farmers of the state must be best at their field, i.e. farming. The ruler of the state must be selected and appointed after being tested for their capability which makes him the complete guardian of the people and he will be able to guard his people from external enemies and internal threats.

The ruler must be able to distinguish between people who can be useful to his people and threats to the peace of the state. “ The most terrible and shameful thing of all is for a shepherd to rear dogs as auxiliaries to help him with his flocks in such a way that, through licentiousness, hunger, or some other bad trait of character, they do evil to the sheep and become like wolves instead of dogs. ” Therefore, Plato provides a very useful guideline to the rulers of the world to best serve the people of their authority.

The author also extensively talks about the four important virtues of the state including courage, moderation, justice etc. In conclusion, Plato’ s The Republic has been regarded as one of the most fundamental books in philosophy and political theory and the various topics discussed in the different sections of the book help the rulers to make an ideal state which best serves the citizens.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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