A Rose for Emily and This Land Is Your Land – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "A Rose for Emily and This Land Is Your Land" is a great example of a literature book review. The first reading to be discussed here is William Faulkner’ s A Rose for Emily. I actually enjoyed reading the short story. I had not read this story ever before. I thought the story will be about a romantic love affair as the title suggests, but as I went further into the reading, it was totally on another track. I am never negatively disposed to Faulkner’ s writings as he is a  Nobel Prize-winning  American  author with a number of accomplished novels and short stories.   While reading the story, the thing that first confused me a little was that- who is this ‘ we’ narrating the story?

I came to the conclusion that the narrator of the story might be the people living around Emily, that is, the public. The timeline of the story is also a bit puzzling. The plot of the story has strangeness about it. I had assumed that Emily killed Edgar out of her crazy love for him that he should not live if he cannot be hers and that would have been her revenge, but I was stunned to the highest level when I found out that she had actually been sleeping with the dead body and that nobody living around ever found out despite the rotten smell coming out of her house!

This is how my assumptions changed while reading through the story. The next reading to be discussed here is the folk song This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie. He depicted his love for his homeland (United States) in this song.

I have read this folk song a number of times and whenever I read it, I feel a new sense of affection for and devotion to my motherland. When I first went through this song, I knew it was written out of love for one’ s country, and as I went through it, I got lost in the endless sky, the golden valley, the diamond deserts, wheat fields, and dust clouds. I was expecting the same beauty of literary work from Guthrie that I found in this song, so my assumptions did not change as I went through the reading.

Many countries have altered the lyrics according to their geographical references, but the variations could not spoil the original beauty of the song.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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