Reality Is Broken By Jane McGonigal – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Reality Is Broken By Jane McGonigal" is a perfect example of a book review on journalism and communication. ‘ Reality is Broken’ is a book written by visionary game designer and Director of Game Research at the Institute for the Future, Jane McGonigal, based on the power of games in boosting global happiness and solving real-world problems. The book comprising of 416 pages was published by Penguin Press in 2011. One of the striking facts in her book is that there are believed to be around 174 million gamers in America, who would spend more than ten thousand years gaming by the time they are twenty-one.

The centrifugal point around which the book revolves is about how gaming boosts global happiness and helps to solve real social problems and problems of obesity and depression. In her book ‘ Reality is Broken’ , Jane McGonigal analyses the rewarding experience of the virtual world by means of exhilarating challenges and victories, that is so hard to come by in the real world. She insinuates that playing with other gamers online also brings about a social motivational atmosphere.

According to McGonigal, goals and rules bring about creative and strategic thinking in the gamer. Having instant feedback such as points, progress and levels create a positive atmosphere while the fact that the gamer chooses what he wants to play inclusive of its rules and goals, makes the activity more pleasurable and challenging. She also advises certain guidelines for playing such as, not playing for more than 21 hours a week, playing more with friends and family rather than alone or with strangers, preferably playing face-to-face and playing games that are co-operative and creative.

She believes that gaming in this manner will help to nurture confidence, tolerance and patience in the real life of the gamer. Gamers will also have the additional benefits of motivational and collaborative powers in their lives, businesses and communities. On the other hand, the author feels that those who do not indulge in gaming would be at a little disadvantage. She concludes by stating in her book ‘ Reality Is Broken’ , that the future belongs to those who can design, understand and play games.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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