Global Terrorism by Lutz and Lutz – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper “ Global Terrorism by Lutz and Lutz” is a  persuasive variant on book review on the military. There are several reasons for the rise of terrorism in post WW2, the first reason was due to the victory that Israel achieved over Arabic nations in 1948, its independence day. The Arabic nations attacked in units, a factor that led to the Israeli victory. These units became the basis of terrorist development. Secondly, after Israel was declared an independent state by the UN in 1948, it expanded its borders at the expense of neighboring Palestine.

This resulted in increased attacks from independent units in a terrorism fashion. The environment created by frequent conflicts between Arabic nations and Israel created a sound environment for terrorism to thrive. Hezbollah, in particular, does not recognize Israel as a legitimate state and they continually fight them (Lutz & Lutz, 2004). Should the West involve itself in combatting terrorism against Israel? This question has twinned in nature, yes the west, particularly the US is more interested in a stable Israel because of the economic and military gain that they get as a result.

This is why the US has publicly supported Israel since WW2. In order for the west to assert its presence, Israel is the best avenue because of its significant difference with the neighboring nations like Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the rest. Israel is simply the best outfit for the west because they share substantial characteristics (Lutz & Lutz, 2004). On the contrary, combatting terrorists attacking Israel means that the west gets into Middle East political turmoil and the end result is increased terrorist numbers against the west.

This is evident in the recent past decade's incidence of attacks in London and the US. Discussion 2-Chapter 9 of the textbookIs the Irish IRA issue a religious or cultural problem? The IRA issue is a cultural and a religious problem because, since the 1860s, the goal of the IRA was to fight for the independence of Ireland. Later on, due to internal wrangles, the IRA began splitting forming different groups who claimed to run the main IRA. Groups such as the Official IRA, provisional IRA, Continuity IRA, and the real IRA started emerging.

The reason for the emergence of these groups was self-interest (Lutz & Lutz, 2004). On the other hand, IRA proves to be a religious outfit through its political wing Sinn Fé in which has represented the interest of Irish Catholics since the 20th century. The attack on the British army after the violent protest between Protestants and Catholics also shows how the IRA issue is more religious. How effective was the British government in dealing with the IRA? The British government has been effective in dealing with IRA, the key to the success of the British government in securing peace with the IRA was the existence of the backchannel which was employed to communicate and negotiate a ceasefire and eventually a permanent peace process.

Despite the fact that this connection was shrouded in secrecy, its existence was the pillar of a permanent peace solution (Lutz & Lutz, 2004). The British government continued with this path until major milestones of securing peace were achieved. In the public realm, this link could have been disputed in a democratic nation but nonetheless, its existence provided vital to getting permanent peace among the two groups.


Lutz, J.M., & Lutz, B.J. (2004).Global Terrorism. London: Routledge.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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