Desiree's Baby – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Desiree's Baby" is an excellent example of a literature book review. The message in Desiree's Baby is quite clear, hasty judgments and ill-thought decisions lead a person to suffer and the sufferance may be unknown to the person who takes such a decision. In a very short story, Chopin has created a situation that spans years but comes to climax in a hurry. Topics such as race, bigotry, the social situation, and even love are explored very well in the tale and it seems to suggest that bigotry and hatred for something abstract may very well take over the feelings of love.

Desiree's Baby has something wrong with her and that ‘ wrong’ comes from her appearance which makes her look one-quarter black. In essence, the child seems to have ‘ mixed’ blood. This leads the father to be quite angry and Armand considers it a great shame. In a rather tactless manner, he pushes both the child and the mother out of the house and instead of returning to her own parents, the Desiree takes her baby and leaves never be to seen again by anyone.

Armand then proceeds to burn everything that belongs to his former wife and even burns the cradle of his child and that seems to be a metaphor for him burning away the memories of love that he had for the woman in his life and the baby which was only there for a short time. However, with the burning of these memories, he also burns away the letter from his mother that reveals that it is, in fact, Armand who is part black. It is indeed a stunning tale and presents an interesting viewpoint on race and even makes an individual question him/herself as to what forms identity and how identity would be changed if we ever find out that we come from a mixed heritage.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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