Pipe Organs by Steve Thomas – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Pipe Organs by Steve Thomas" is an outstanding example of a music book report. The reading on ‘ Pipe Organs’ is an intriguing piece because it introduces interesting facts about the historical use of pipe organs as musical instruments. It presents details on how the pipes produce the sounds as well as the strategies used to make the organ so that all the pipes produce a projected sound. This was interesting to me because I had seen a pipe organ previously, but I realized it was impossible to see all the pipes making up the organ.

From this reading, it emerged that the pipes are arranged in an organ case explaining why it is difficult to see all of them. It was intriguing to realize that the organ has the capacity to produce different types of sounds. I gained knowledge on the factors and methods that are by the organ builders to ensure that the organ can produce a range of sounds. These include the choice of the pipe types, pitch changes, altering the shape of the pipes, and combining different pipes to make a set.

This reinforced my previous knowledge that a pipe organ could produce a range of different sounds (Thomas). The article helped me to understand some vocabularies used in music such as harmonics and ‘ stop’ . Although I had come across these terms in music previously, this article served to increase my understanding oft heir use in different contexts. Moreover, I came to the realization that there is a misconception surrounding pipe organs which has made people believe that they are only used in churches and that they produce boring music.

This article enlightened me to realize that pipe organs are used in different places in the modern day especially concert halls and universities. Interestingly, there are electronic organs which make use of digital technology to produce sounds similar to those produced by normal pipe organs (Thomas).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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