Reading Reflection – Book Report/Review Example

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Reflection Reading On Literary Works Introduction Literature provides a broad converse over which many issues can be painted. In fact, to get a comprehensive understanding concerning human beings and society, one has to rely on the literary works to derive full meaning. Poems are some of the single most profound literary works. Poems talk about anything that can be possibly be described, though it coins the language in a careful and unique manner to drive the point home. The language of the poem and the careful choice of words makes the literary work the most fascinating of all.

Consequently, poems can be used to describe any phenomenon. For instance, one could use a poem to describe a romantic affair, calamities, conflicts and death (Ashford University, n.d). The poems are also able to give a reflection on past events and paint a picture of what the situation looked like during that duration. In essence, poems are master tools of driving an understanding to issues of life in an intelligent manner. Poems are the most influential and intelligently drafted piece of literary works. The style that is used in a poem matters more than anything else.

Different poets employ a variety of styles in drafting their poems to the extent that it derives interest in a wider sense. A poem can only catch a person’s attention if the style used is intelligent and well choreographed. In this sense, people are able to understand the literary work from different perspectives. The essence of style is to appeal to a variety of readers. It is critical to note that poems draw different meanings at every particular instance (Ashford University, n.d).

Not all the time does poems address similar issues. Perspectives are very unique and distinct in drafting a good poem. In this sense, capturing of attention and drawing meaning remains the single most critical essence of the poems. To derive meaning from the poems, one has to have proper analytical skills in order to derive meaning and be able draw conclusions. Evaluation, close reading as well as explication would make one ordinarily understand a well-drafted poem. Close reading in essence means that a person is able to read the content of a particular text and draw meaning with respect to the presented context.

Evaluating the poem and extracting the meaning behind every context is very critical for any comprehensive definition of a given poem. Some individuals do not have these analytical skills or perhaps they are not cognizant with them (Iannone, 2005). To this end, it presents a challenge to them, as they are not able to understand the basis of the text (Ashford University, n.d). Poems can be of different statures. A poem on romance basically talks about a love affair and the extent to which the story goes with respect to the relationship.

Romantic poems draw out the theme of love and the meaning of every relationship. Causal effects of the poems are the most essential of every given text. Having a close reading of the poem as well as evaluating the content of the poem gives an elaborate understanding of the meaning behind every poem. Conclusion Literature has a broad spectrum of issues that it addresses. Case in point, literature derives the meaning of various real time issues with respect to spheres of life.

Of all the literary works and poems stand out as some of the most carefully drafted works. A careful reading and evaluation of the poems help derive understanding (Holcombe, 2013). To this end, poems are the most influential and intelligent of the literary works with respect to their drafting. References: Ashford University. (n. d). Journey into literature: What literature contributes to our lives. Retrieved from < https: //content. ashford. edu/books/AUENG125.10.2> Holcombe, John C. (2013). Literary Criticism. Textetc. com. Retrieved from Iannone, C. (2005).

Reading Literature: Decline and fall? Academic Questions, 18 (3), 6-15. Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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