Funerals as Counter-Cultural Practice – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Funerals as Counter-Cultural Practice" is an exceptional example of a book review on religion and theologyThe modern Christian church is practically giving up the fight against continued practices of marking the funeral. As Edwin points out, the funeral arrangements and decisions were the work of the church and family members (10). The collaboration ensured shared responsibilities in matters relating to passing away of any congregational member (12). The gathering and the wakes helped the believed family in handling grief and ceremonial marking of an individual’ s life. Edwin highlights that the current Christian community is deviating from the above mainstream funeral practices hence making current Christian funeral practices countercultural.

First, the deceased and their families have veto powers on what should happen during funeral ceremonies. Surprisingly, some congregation members leave instructions that they do not want memorials and wake during their final days. Some even suggest that people should not take their bodies to church for final prayers. Edwin objects to this new practice because he thinks that if the trend continues then the church will be living in a lie (13).

It is the duty of the church to a witness during the final days of a church member, which strengthen the idea of baptism. If people are going to make a personal decision regarding funerals, then they will be denying the church a right to perform its function. Further, people nowadays decide whose funeral to attend. They do not consider that as Christians, it is good to accompany our congregational members irrespective of whether we knew them during their lifetime or not. Death is not a private matter because it affects the whole church hence the whole church should witness the good news of God in the face of death (13).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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