Giovanni's Room: Social Alienation – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Giovanni's Room: Social Alienation" is an outstanding example of a literature book review. Probably no topic has been as contentious as the topic of sexuality, specifically homosexuality. History has documented its fair share of activism and explanations of its morality. Nonetheless, arguably, it still remains a social dilemma. James Baldwin, in his novel, accounts of a gay man David. The author brings about the social alienation in society on gay people, and the consequent suffering it inflicts on the victims. This paper analyses a quote from the book in relation to the general message of the novel.

That is, “ ... There is something fantastic in about the spectacle I know present to myself of having run so far, so hard, across the ocean even, only to find myself brought up short once more before the bulldog in my own backyard- the yard, in the meantime, having grown smaller and the bulldog bigger. .” (Baldwin 6). These were the words of David; A homosexual. The quote comes out rather sarcastic, even with the humiliation; the spectacle is termed as fantastic. Remorse and disillusionment are expressed by the fact that, even after all the running, he finds himself in what is described as ‘ My own backyard. ’ The author illustrates the efforts made to change the status (that is, having run so far, so hard, across the ocean even, only to find myself brought up short once more. .).

The quote expresses regret and stirs up empathy in the reader. David was always guilty and ashamed of his sexual orientation. He tried so much, even to the extent of having a female sexual partner and a fiancé e. It is clear from the quote that all his efforts were in vain.

He just could never change. Consequently, According to the author, society plays a key role in the downfall of the two lovers. Social alienation and Lack of acceptance of homosexuality deny the individuals the right to realize their own identity. David is not sure on which side to belong. He tries to embrace his desires but has the fear of being on the immoral side of society. He ends up hurting people close to him and himself eventually.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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