Poetry: Mary Oliver, Wild Geese (996-997) William Blake, The Tyger (796) Wilfred Owen, Anthem – Book Report/Review Example

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Number] Poetry Mary Oliver ‘Wild Geese Main theme: The poem is about freedom. It is as if the author is speaking to the reader reminding him about all the good things about nature and the things around us which make us feel engaged and not lonely. The poem gives the message that no one is alone and there is a lot in the world to look forward to. Experience of reading aloud: When the poem was read out aloud four times in different emotions, it was experienced that it tells about the life of a lonely person.

If the poem is read out aloud in an emotional and low tone, it seems as if the author is motivating the reader reminding him of all the good things present in life. He is encouraging and motivating a sad and lonely person towards the beauty of nature and the world of our imagination which is always with us and it can be like wild geese as it can go anywhere we want to take it. When the poem was read out aloud in an angry and aggressive tone, it was experienced that the author is presenting a very tough lesson of life giving motivation in a strict manner reminding about the freedom and telling the lonely man to not be unreasonable and to be able to see through the eyes of the speaker.

William Blake ‘The Tyger’: Main theme: In this poem, the speaker is talking about the creations of God and his masterwork as he created the lamb and the tiger. It talks about the perfection of the tiger and the awe of its creator.

Experience of reading aloud: The poem is very rhythmic when read out aloud. The sentences are small and they rhyme one after another which gives a flow to the reading. The first and last stanzas are the same which means that the author focuses on a main theme which is the creation of God as he created the tiger with perfection. But as we read the poem in different emotions, it can be experienced that poem is not about the tiger, it is more about the creator of the tiger.

In the experience of reading the poem in an emotional tone, it was felt that the words were praising the nature of God. In an angry tone, the words were rather giving the intense feeling about the wonderful creation of God. Wilfred Owen ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’: Main theme: The speaker of the poem is giving the message about the young boys who die in wars. It is generally about the young souls that die in wars and suffer the bloodshed. Experience of reading aloud: This poem is written in short sentences which have rhyming words in the end.

The experience of reading the poem in different emotions was very essential as the poem talks about the tragic lives of the young boys who fight wars all over the world. There is not any specific war mentioned but the general persona of the poem is to focus on the universal issue of wars. In an emotional and low tone, the poem sounded very sad and depressing as it discussed the wars and young boys fighting, while in a resenting tone, the poem was rather awakening as it was talking about an issue which is otherwise less discussed.

Work CitedTaylor Lili. The Poem I Turn to: Actors & Directors Present Poetry that Inspires Them. USA: Sourcebooks, Inc, 2008

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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