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‘MY EX HUSBAND’ by GABRIEL SPERA Introduction In order to understand poetic composition, of poetry have to conduct in-depth interpretation and analysis of the poem. One of the reasons as to why people shun away from poetry is the difficulty of comprehension and due to this; poetry is one of the elite forms of literary art. The main way of appreciating and understanding poetry is in knowing its formal components. These components are the gateway to a readers mind into the composition of the poet, its intentions and thereafter sympathize with emotions in the poem.

In the poem, my ex-Husband, the components of poetry are in use to convey appropriate messages to the reader (Spera, 29). This poem is a soliloquy of a person recalling what transpired between her and her husband. Spera, in this piece of art, uses an indifferent tone, a figurative tool known as hyperbole and verbal irony to convey the intensity of the poem. This paper will give an in-depth analysis of My-Ex Husband, by Gabrielle Stella. In the poem, there is use of narration, character, setting, tone and style, structure and theme to convey the author’s message.

This paper however will restrict itself to thematic connotation of the poem. The paper will highlight different themes in the poem and how they are used to meet the intentions of the poem. The objective of this paper is to identify theme as a character, highlight its importance in relation to this piece of art and thereafter provide a concluder basing on the mentioned facts. Treachery is a theme in this poem. On the portrait of her husband, there is a smile.

However, the woman says the smile is deceptive. She uses sarcasm to say that the husband smiled as if he were in-love with her (Spera, 29). She believes that whoever is in-love with you, can’t cheat on you therefore the husbands smile was deceptive and she regrets framing the picture. Deceptive theme explains the character of her husband as a dishonest person. This theme further develops the infidelity as a theme. It also develops the plot of the poem. For instance, it’s after the woman explanation of the dishonest smile that she gives a description of the physical traits of her man.

Infidelity is a thematic composition seen in the poem. The woman says that her man knew the most romantic spots in town and waiters knew his face and reserved the half-hidden place in the corner nook. The interpretation of this is that the husband, used to take various dates in known romantic outlets and waiters knew about it and to hide his activities, reserved the private places for him. The woman further says the husband flirted, which was okay, but his was in excess and thus she could not tolerate it.

This theme brings the flow of the poem. For instance, it is due to infidelity that the woman explains her breakup with the husband. She develops the plot of the poem by giving prove of her husband’s infidelity. The woman is able to know what’s on the mind of his date and it’s the reason as to why she divorced her husband. It is from here that she uses infidelity to develop the plot of the poem.

This theme further develops the character of her ex-husband as an extravagant fellow. He preferred not to go to any place with checkered tables and on wine; he imported champagne from Murano Italy. In conclusion, thematic characters of the poem depict a strong female persona. The woman finds strength amidst a cheating husband who seems like any woman’s perfect match. She ultimately discovers that her spouse is disloyal to her. These themes depict the woman’s view her husband as contemptuous since he was a cheat and slobbish in conducting his affairs.

Gabriella Spera has managed to portray the character of the woman, of her ex-husband by use of themes. Work Cited Spera, Gabriel. The standing wave: poems. New York: Perennial, 2003. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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