Paul's Case – Book Report/Review Example

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Paul’s CasePaul was facing a suspension from school and had summons to appear before the staff of the Pittsburgh high school a week later. On the day of reporting back, he went with his father who had earlier called Paul’s principal to conceal that he no longer had any know about his son. On that material day, he appeared to be very jovial and entered the faculty room. The way he was dressed could not depict a boy who was still in suspension(Cather, 38). All these portrayed something unusual with him. The principal enquired from Paul why he was there that afternoon.

With a lot of politeness he answered that he wanted to go back to school and the lie in his words were very evident since he was used to this vice. All the teachers had a chance to give their accusations where they accused Paul of impertinence and disorder. It was quite a task for the teachers to prove these accusations. It all started with the English teacher who accused Paul for embarrassing her in class while she was teaching, he even insulted her teacher.

Paul was to misbehaving in class, at one time, he spent the whole lesson shading his eyes, and during another lesson as they were reciting, he kept on looking out through the window (Cather, 49). They also accused him of making comments that portrayed his disrespect on the teachers. When asked about it, he frankly said that he always said what he felt was pleasing him regardless of who he addressing. A sympathetic principal again asked him if he thought about the possibility of an expulsion and if he thought it was a good idea.

Funny enough, Paul smiled and answered confidently that it was a good idea. They dismissed him from the room and he exited gracefully. Despair filled the room as the teachers left the room dissatisfied. On the other hand, Paul left the place and went down the hill while whistling a chorus. The act showed that he did not regret everything that had just happened. He continued with his run since he was the one on duty that evening as the usher at the concert hall.

Paul’s case culminated with an expulsion from school (Cather, 67). Paul was a boy who was in love with artistic things that comprise of music and theatre and art. He was also obsessed with money because he felt that it was the only thing that would guarantee him freedom and all the luxurious things he ever dreamt of having in life. This kind of life almost became a reality for him when he got a job but he did not take long before he stole from his employer and went to New York City.

Life became as he had always dreamt and bought everything he wanted. This did not last long because his crime sufficed and this time it proved difficult for him to evade the law. Paul was the main character in the case. The other important character was Charley Edwards who was Paul’s friend. He encouraged him in life and he is the one who welcomed Paul for the Sunday rehearsals. After Paul’s expulsion, Paul’s father compelled Charley not to see his son again. Ultimately, he helped Paul to plan for the trip to New York.

Works CitedCather, Willa. The Troll Garden and Selected Stories. West Valley City, UT: Waking Lion, 2006. Print.

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