Reframing Organization: Artistry Choice and Leader – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "Reframing Organization: Artistry Choice and Leader" is a great example of a management book review. The part one of Reframing Organization: Artistry Choice and Leader is divided into three sections: making sense of organization; the power of reframing; and simple ideas, complex organization. In making sense of the organization, Bolman and Deal introduce the main ideas of the organization by defining the organization as a collection of individuals coming together to achieve common objectives. It focuses on the organizational structure and provides the direction to the manager and leaders on how they can better organize the organizations in groups and in teams.
In the power of reframing, the authors say that the power of reframing the organization relies on its leadership. The management should be dynamic in its operations and design the position and the department together with respective authority and responsibilities. Reframing involves dividing the tasks, duties, and responsibilities. The hierarchy leader is drawn and the highest to the lowest office is determined. The flow of command from the highest office to the lowest office is determined and from the lowest office to the highest. In the simple ideas and complex organizations, the authors explain that organizations originate grow over time. As it becomes more complex, the management needs to introduce the use of bureaucratic strategies. This can help in creating departments to help in increasing accountability and productivity of all the employees.
In conclusion, part one of Reframing Organization: Artistry Choice and Leader gives an insightful and candid discussion about the nature of the organization, its structures, and organizations. The points are well illustrated to educate the readers on how to effectively manage the organization and its resources in order to achieve its set objectives.

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