Peoples History of US: 1492 - Present – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Peoples History of US: 1492 - Present" is a great example of a history book review. Chapters ones and two of this book have the same theme which revolves around the issue of slavery. Though the theme is the same, the accounts of slavery are different. The first chapter is about slavery of the Indians in parts of South America which are now Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Other than slavery from Columbus, the same chapter provides different numerous examples of how Europeans who came to America were considering themselves superior and hence mistreating the natives (who were Indians) by trying to make them follow their ways which only ended up enslaving them even more and disrupting their usual normal lifestyle (Zinn 15). The second chapter is also about slavery but it is slavery on the blacks and not the Indians and hence the title provided for the chapter.

The blacks were brought in from their different African nations to America to provide the much-needed labor. The white slaves were not enough and the Indians were few and in some areas were non-existent and with their numerous plantation farms of cotton and other plants, the white wealthy owners needed cheap labor and hence bought slaves (Pickett and Dwayne 28). They mistreated these black slaves through overworking them, providing little or no other benefits and not caring about their families.

The chapter further tries explaining how these Europeans tried to change their culture by explaining that their culture (that of the white people) was superior (Kicza and Rebecca 17). Discuss why the author chose the title of the chapter. The title of these two chapters is so because they try to briefly explain to the reader what the chapter is about hence ensuring that the reader will be more interested to learn about the chapter from just one glance at the chapter title.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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