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PART What is the fourth wall in Literary and dramatic words? Fourth wall is simply an imaginary wall in nature which is located within a box wall or an enclosed wall where the audience can watch plays. It is also known as a Meta fiction technique or a fourth wall breaking. What does the word catharsis mean? This word is derived from a Greek word that is translated as cleansing or purification. It applies to purgation emotional changes. It is also used as a metaphor to describe tragic events. Name major forms of contemporary drama that derived from the ancient Greek tradition.

Explain what each term means. Drama is simply a fiction mode through which performance can be represented or seen. The major forms of contemporary drama are: -Comedy forms- This form of contemporary drama is shown with a laughing face symbol and combines drama and comedy elements. Tragedy forms- This form of contemporary dram is shown with a weeping or serious face symbol. It creates vibrant and proactive experiences. Poetry genre- This is a form of contemporary drama that uses symbolism in sound and rhythm as an artistic formTrue or false: A premise is the central question or theme of workPremise simply shows the universal value in predicting results while theme of work is the value of statement.

Therefore, the statement is true. List 3 differences between drama and film/televisions Films are simply depiction of fantasy while drama is based on real life. Films make an impact immediately while the impact in drama is slower. Films contain open cues from past experiences while drama is less trailed and not transparent. What does the phrase “In Medias Res” mean? This phrase is in Latin and it means in the middle of things or issues.

It is related to the midpoint of a narrative or story. What is sub text? Sub text is an underlying meaning of literary works which is expressed indirectly through tension and emotions. It explores under tones and contents in unspoken words. Part II1. Reasons why it was so important ( to the community) that individuals obey the gods/fateAccording to the ancient Greek customs gods had a direct hand in influencing fate and human events. This is evident from the quote” why tell you what you know” (Iliad. 1.423) which shows divine influence. The customs also depict the gods as prone to fits of anger and rage.

This is evident in the quote “It was to check this killing rage, I came from heaven. Enough: break off this combat” (Iliad 1.243-245)2. What exactly is Oedipus’ record? Oedipus was a noble man, when he discovered that he was the murder he took the punishment he had declared. Additionally, he cared about the land and dint want it destroyed. Quote “do you intend to destroy me and the city? ’ (Oedipus. 1.

330)Lines from play which detail Oedipus’ Resume or why he was so valued by Thebes? “You shall be confident that I will help, I will assist you in every way” ( Oedipus. 1.10)“In their stories the people testify how with god’s help you gave us back our lives” (Oedipus. 1.40)What things has he done to earn their respect? He was ready to help the people at all times, He was noble. This is because he was willing to be punished in order to save the land. Quote” But never let my father’s city be condemned to have me living here while I still live” (Oedipus 2.1450)3.

Explain what the fight Oedipus and Tiresias was aboutOedipus wants to know about the men who murdered Laius but Teresias refuses to answer the question and instead responds critically. This provokes the argument. 4. Summarize the punishment Oedipus has in mind for the wrong doer. Oedipus swears to drive out and curse the murderer. He asserts that the plague in the city end only when the murderer is caught. 5. What is Tiresias prediction of who the murderer is and what will happen to himTiresias predicts that the truth would cause nothing but pains in the land.

He reveals that Oedipus is the Laius murderer and that he would suffer great pain. 6. Find 6 references to light, sight or color in the play and what the significance of this imagery is. Light: After Jocasta tells Oedipus about the killing at the 3 way cross roads. It comes to light that Oedipus was the murderer. Sight: Tiresias is a blind prophet. However, he can see more that all other people in the land. Color: All things are bright and well until Oedipus discovers that he is the murderer.

After this discovery his life turns to darkness. Works cited Kip, a. Maria Van Taalman. ” The gods of the Ilaid and fate of Troy” 53.4 (2000) 385Dyson, J.T Fluctus Irarum: Lacertian Religion in the Aeneid” American Journal of Philology 118.3(1997): 449Sophocles, Oedipus the King, (e- text), Vancouver Island University, 420 BC. 1530

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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