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of of affiliation Economic status Migrant farm workers California in the 1960s 2. Popular magazines contain short articles with photographs or illustrations3Describes what the book or article is aboutAn accurate way to find books and articles on your topicA system by books in the CSU East Bay library are shelved 4A telephone numberThe date of the signing of the U. S Constitution 5. A journal article from an electronic database written by two authors6Journals articles are for scholars Trade books include, travel booksMagazines are periodicals Peer reviewed journal articles are scholarly 7.

True 8-- 4. Biographies, almanacs, atlases, dictionaries and encyclopedias9. True 10. Bias communication refers to the ability of the media to present a message to the public in unfair manner in a bid to create awareness of some matter. This implies that, the media gives out information to its audience, favoring one side. Bias communication of the media is one indication of non-independence of the media. In most cases, the root of bias communication is triggered by interested parties, which may include governments. The connection that exists between the media literacy and bias communication involves both the audience and the media stations or channels.

The audience receives what the media instruments present. Since the audience is at the receiving end, bias communication is inevitable, because interested parties propel the distorted information. In essence, the literacy level of the audience to evaluate and analyze the media information is fundamental in assessing whether the information is bias. 11.Middle Eastern peoplesAmerican motion picturesThe last decade 12. A periodical with article about global warming with pictures and commercials about snow equipments13.

DietDiabetesExercise14. A scholarly article that is published in an academic journal 15. American Psychological Association16. Same day of the event: TV and blogsThe week of event: newspapersThe week after the event: popular magazineMonths after the event: academic journalsYear after the event: books and government publicationsYears after the event: Reference books17. True18. A personal diary recounting the person’s experiences in the Gulf War19. True20. Primary21. Secondarly 22. Truncation 23. True24. Personal opinion

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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